A Classification of Builds and their Difficulties

As the title says, I will try my best to accurately Classify each build with their own Difficulties, Though I know I will be 25% to 100% off but I’ll try my best

Classification of Difficulties:
F Class - The lowest of the low The builds in this class does not pose a threat to you

E Class - A Stronger version of the builds in F class, It can deal damage to you but not enough to be worry about

D Class - A Average Build, Can be deadly or not depending on how you play your cards

C Class - A Stronger than Average Build, Putting your Guard up is Recommended

B Class - A Strong Build, Putting your Guard up and Playing Strategically is Recommended

A Class - A Very Powerful Build, Putting your Guard up and Playing Strategically is Highly Recommended, Picking the right Builds for it is also Recommended

S Class - A God like build, Making a Counter-Build for it is Recommended, Choosing right mods, Weapons and other items is needed, High Guard and Extremely smart plays are Recommended

S+ Class - The Strongest Build/s, High Guard, Strategy, Right items are Extremely Important, Cannot be defeated if you relay on Strength alone

S++ Class - Totally Unbeatable, Often called Hackers as sometimes it is true, Only Hackers can get to this rank or people with Unbelievable Skill, Proving they’re the strongest

Rocket King (Abomination, Supreme, Desolation): A Class
One Hit Energy Break (EMP, Valiant, Bunkershell/Last Words, Malice Beam): B Class
Tanker (Dual Spartan, Mercy): S Class
Boiler (Heat Bomb, Corrupt, Vandal): A Class
Round Ender (Nightfall, Annihilation, Night Eagle): B Class
Hybrids (Any weapons ranging from Phys to Energy): C Class
Ranged Anti Energy (Dual Desolation, Repulser): B Class
Sextuplet (Six Weapons at once): D Class
Discount Tanker (Dual Annihilation, Night Eagle): D Class
Noob Builds (Builds made by Beginners): F Class
Cocky Builds (Builds made by people that they think they’re Invincible): E Class
Smurfs (Depending on Which ranks): S Class (For weaker people) A Class (For their own Matchups)
Hugger Builds (Close range): S Class (Depending on Items and HP)
Legacy Builds: E Class
Claw Troller Build: S Class


tanker can be destroyed using a high hp(2400+) hugger mech(2 seraphs)
but okay, i feel ya.

What class is this?

It’s an Anti-Heat and Physical energy.


Can defeat Most heats in a jiffy, can defeat most physicals easily, but only if you know how to use it properly. May lose with physicals with 2 Annihilations, and easily dies against Energies.

Has 1910 Hp (Should go up even further), Poor Regen and Energy Cap, Good Heat cap and amazing cooling.

It’s Mostlikely a S Class, Being a Counter-Build for Two classes

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a class i think


Classes please (first runs with an axe not hammer)


All S+ class.

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Build 1, S+ Class Build 2, S Class, Build 3, S Class


is this SAITAMA rank wanna be ?

What class is this :

What class does this build fall under?

(there’s an NF hidden behind the seraph btw).

(btw working to max the CB so don’t judge it’s ‘epic-ness’).

A or S

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What about this monster?

@Xyre heater (I love this thing).

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For Top players it’s E Class but for players ranks 15-17 It’s a A Class

Hmm… S Class, Hard to Over heat, Hard to Shut down
The Heat Build is S Class as well, Very balanced Energy and heat

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tbh i hate how all the heat builds you posted dont reach S rank
and it’s true
this shows the disadvantage heat has

i do like how you managed to class all of those builds…

:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) feel better mate?

a bit better…
is just heat is so hard ot play with :weary:
but it’s fun

Ayyye, that’s the spirit. And trust me, it really is, but it’s one of the most fun types to play with.

With the right stuff, you can have a pretty rounded heater (as such ^).

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tbh all i need to get to rank 8 is a magma blast
then i’d make the rocket king set and add it
(but in my case i’d just have to take out my CL)

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