A change in premium boxes

as we all know we have premium boxes, but who knows their stats? Who knows the difference between a Silver and a Gold Box? Who knows how many items will it bring you?

So as I am a critic who is learning from others lol, I do this.

Silver Box: Your stats would be 50% Common 30% Epico 15% Rare and 5% Legendary. Its capacity would be 5 depending on the combination of this. (Example: 1 Rare and 2 Epics, 1 Legendary and 4 Common, 1 Rare and 4 Common.) There is obviously a Bonus but not a very high level, Common and Epics.

Gold silver: No one knows it’s better, if Silver or Gold so I’ll statisticize it.
His statistics would be: 30% Common 40% Epico 20% Rare and 10% Legendary.
Their capacity will vary too. Bonuses also enter but can appear as Epic, rare and even legendary.

Mythical box: Obviously we know that the mythic box gives rare and legendary non-mythical. What an irony.
His statistics would not be very varied in the end, it would be 80% Rare and 20% Legendary.
(Only 1)

Ultra Mythical Box: This is also very expensive, its capacity is 3 and 5, the statistics are 50% Rare and 50% Legendary. With luck you get 5 legendary;)
(I repeat, very expensive.)

-Silver Box: 3.400 Gold onwards.
-Gold Box: 35 Tokens - 15,000 Gold onwards.
-Mythical Box: 75 Tokens - 120,000 Gold or something.
-Ultra Mythical Box: Between 350 or 550 Tokens - 1,000,000 Gold onwards.

Bonus: In addition to items, boxes can bring Gold, XP, Points for the campaign. Only if you increase the price with an option! : 0 DO NOT HESITATE NOW AND CALL NOW!


Not going to happen. They are not going to apply old skin on new ui. From common boxes i never got epic. From epic boxes i never got legendery. N my epic item never going to reach myth lvl. Bcz i dont have legendery item to fuse. :sob:

Alright for starters… :stuck_out_tongue:
Here are a couple of changes you might want to make:
Suggested rates & prices:

  • Silver Box: 40% Common, 50% Rare, 8% Epic, 2% Legendary w/ 2~3 Items per box
    Price: 3,400 SM or 2 Tokens with 300 SM additional cost with each purchase for first 6 boxes (resets daily), 600 SM and 1 Token for all others purchases after first 6 boxes. Caps at 17,500/Box.
  • Gold Box: 10% Common, 70% Rare, 16% Epic, 4% Legendary w/ 3~4 Items per box.
    Price: 10,000 SM or 10 Tokens with 1,500 SM and 1 Token additional cost with each purchase for first 5 boxes (resets every 36 hours), 3,500 SM and 3 Tokens for all others purchases after first 5 boxes. Caps at 100,000/Box.
  • Mythical Box: 0% Common, 5% Rare, 68% Epic, 25% Legendary, 2% chance for either a Epic or Legendary item (50-50 for epic or legendary) at max power level w/ 4~5 Items per box.
    Price: 134,000 SM or 134 Tokens with 15,000 SM and 20 Tokens additional cost with each purchase for first 4 boxes (resets every 48 hours), 35,000 SM and 35 Tokens for all other purchases after first 4 boxes. Caps at 600,000/Box.
  • Ultra Mythical Box: 0% Common, 0% Rare, 50% Epic, 45% Legendary, 5% chance for a legendary item at max power level w/ 5 Items per box.
    Price: 650,000 SM or 500 Tokens with 50,000 SM and 40 Tokens additional cost with each purchase for first 3 boxes (resets every 72 hours), 100,000 SM and 80 Tokens for all other purchases after first 3 boxes. Caps at 2,000,000/Box.

Additional notes: All boxes have a Extra chance (meaning it is a bonus along with the items you find, doesn’t count as a item) to find EXP, Powerkit(s), or give a portion of the cost back in either SM or Tokens at user’s choice. There is no limit on how many bonus rewards can be found per box (meaning you can find EXP along with powerkit(s), not just restricted to a single bonus)
EXP and refund chances:
Silver Box: 20% Chance for 600~1200 EXP, 20% chance for 1~2 Common or Rare powerkit(s) (50-50 for Common or Rare), 25% chance for 50% refund in SM or 40% refund in Tokens.
Gold Box: 40% Chance for 2000~4000 EXP, 40% chance for 2~3 Rare or Epic powerkits (50-50), 25% chance for 50% refund in SM or 50% refund in Tokens.
Mythical Box: 65% Chance for 7000~14,000 EXP, 65% chance for 3~4 Epic or Legendary powerkits (50-50), 20% chance for 40% refund in SM or 40% refund in Tokens.
Ultra Mythical Box: 75% chance for 17,000~34,000 EXP, 75% chance for 1~4 Legendary powerkits (100% chance for legendary tier), 15% chance for 30% refund in SM or 30% refund in Tokens.


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