A certain reward


is there a reward for hitting level 150? because im currently level 140 lmao. is there? if not there should be a premium pack rewarded.


Some gold and a few tokens.
And a random epic or legendary item. Just like the previous levels.

I am level 150 as well.


bruh… we should get a premium pack for hitting level 150


One can only wish


Should we get a Premium Pack for hitting Level 150?

  • Yes
  • No

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we get a premium pack for mything something for the first time… we cant we get a pack for level 150?


it was a box before -_- after i did everything it got a way better rewards


well still. i got a premium pack for my first mythical.


yup i said it wasn’t a thing (before)


it was a thing when i mythed my nightmare torso. before zarkares was a torso.


before zark come it was a prem box


we should get premium packs for level 150 reward. @Sarah247


like one or 2. at least one.


It’s impossible because they will have to give them to every lvl 150 player then…


thats the way it should be.


Should, but TS won’t ever do it


you may never know :wink:


The rewards for leveling up and defeating bosses are paltry at best. The insulting part is that the rewards in the boxes at the end of levels we’re once legendary. Now they’re common, useless mostly. Good rewards entice more frequent game play. That’s why we went from 1000 players online to 100. #FTL


I just reached level 150 and got this pathetic reward:

Shame on you greedy TS!


I got anguish for my level 150 reward.