A bunch of idea's for devs and players too


SM need more changes graphical and cool one eg1heat players shoot rocket to destroy structures in campaign energy shoot a orb and physical shoot annilation second change please add boxes for specific heat items physical or other electrical boxes for energy type and there different designs and another change add special events for levy drops increased for a day and another make campaign missions quicker by making feature to fight only enemies don’t destroy structures and please change the searching for arena battles not by Rank rather by items and make rare change to get super item box which is ch gives a lm levy 1out of 50 boxes. I hope you like my changes


Why not add a colour kit which allows you to change the colour of an item’s energy… So you could change the Zark’s red to yellow… Or Avenger’s yellow to red…


Nice idea…


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It’s the main reason I am the most least replying guy but the most reading guy I read all the topics daily.


my biggest complaint is the Titan rewards, 50 purple flag tokens for a rare lvl20 iron plate, really??? an iron plate it makes playing not really worth any effort for things you can get for regular rewards. these rewards are :poop: ,come on SM make this WORTH playin. :roll_eyes::smirk::unamused::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::frowning_face::confounded::frowning:


Thanks for the flag about something true, and saied without intention of harming someone…:expressionless: