A build that beats Desolation Builds


Please Suggest what to do with it
Some of my opinion:

  1. Increase HP since deso builds have less heat damage


That… is … one hot mech you got

especially with the 960 heat and 493 cooling XDDDD


Use tonto.
Unnescesarly high heat specs.


I think the backstabber is good against using the mighty if deso build uses repulsor


It really does ruin me on a personal basis

Backstabber op


You already have 2 pullers up there, 3 is a little unnecessary.
Considering both mighties and backstaber dont do res dmg, tonto will come in good there. Also higher dmg output.
For the heat monkey, 3 heat mod is plenty, 4 is optimal. Rest is unnescessary.

Just my opinion.


You forget that we have heat & energy. If we grab you with our energy… bye build…!!!




It is a counter build :exclamation:

95% of all players play now counter builds :exclamation:



This thing looks familiar.


yeah, wonder where i saw it

definitely not my phys


why backbreaker? u have stomp!


I think a build with 2 Spartans should be able to withstand dual deso. @WinzKay has one.


Spartan and annihilator is enough dpt to kill dual deso. If you are playing a hugger you want to keep them in range 1 or 2. Make them waste turns moving out of range. Rock recoiler is great if you want to use weapons at range 2.

A more balanced version I’m preparing for 3v3 =p



this model name: “killerwepaheat”


I would take out a mighty and add in a night eagle, for close range, and maybe that way you can use the axe. Also @lordgorgon I think why he has so many pullers is because desolation is the mech that he is trying to counter’s win condition, and if it can’t get a shot off with it, or half as many, well then, there’s a counter