A bit of help would be appreciated

My two walking Scrap Metals, Any idea to make it better?

btw the top weapon of second is Maxed Desolation

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Try work on modules, will make mech stats alot better and rty get plat plates

Just upgrade the mods it looks great

Just mods? Got it, I’ll wait for others though

Trust me the maxed mods are op
image image
Heat and energy Engines are same stats btw
(protercter maxed comes with plate maxed btw)

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Okay then time to max every mods I have

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why the hell would you equip 2 annis and a desolation on the same mech 2 nightfalls and a anni would be a better choice

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Against energy, I don’t have much so I choose that

Do a counter build! Even 4 c-e energy capsules are fine (if you don’t have ele engines), it will be 264 more cap to kill energy mechs,and with 2 nightfalls you surely will be able to do it

Both look good to me.
Just max the modules.

But if you can, replace the regen booster for a cooling mass booster. Your cap is too low so your extra regen won’t help anyway. And you got 2 energy free weapons to deal with that problem.

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