A big thank you to tacticsoft for the absolutely amazing daily quest of the legendary relic


The amazing event that you guys held up attracted even more smurfs with 3 maxed claw mechs to lurk rank
8-7 , now doing the daily 3 battle is a struggle , without you guys holding up such amazing events , people wont be able to get them sweet lovely useful relics and bringing higher ranked players down to join the fun with us and make the game more challenging, without TS , such thing wont be able to happen , a big thank you to TS from em to show my appreciation to you guys effort

Keep up the good work !!! - :smile:


move this to spam.
i am kinda lucky.
i didnt encounter many smurfs.i jsut quit on the 4 smurfs that lust for them myth foods.
but im not really excused because i did smurf too to make it easier.


Why would anyone go smufing for a relic :joy:


i dunno.
i would cus i am too lazy to get actual legends by farming for coins and items to boost epics to legends and i dont have the luck to get legendaries from boxes.


I kicked the heck out of RANK 1 smurfer while I was on Rk 5


Ha, the smurfers are out, but not as bad as normal.