A big sale! A Phys Mech for only 1250 tokens!


Hello, pilots!
Today, you should definitely check the store as there is a big sale in there! Go and get your phys mech for just 1250 Tokens! :slight_smile:
See you, folks!


(oh ok i almost forgot about the sale)


Great :b
max all them first thennn… we can think about buy it :b


Cyanine was faster oof
By like 4 hours


I’m going to talk to you guys ficom releasing these thieves robes waiting for someone who can buy 5 box premiun or 4 comments when they add a store equal in time to buy an iten that agent that then comment when to add store or swap item in clan


It has a really bad range gap,has pretty common mods (and very few and still at their lower tier,apart from the Savior,which is capped at epic and useless as anything),contains a useless pair of legs since they only go up to legendary tier,all of the weapons are legendary apart from the BackBreaker for some odd reason (why not make them all goldies?) and it’s overall an overpriced machine that if very ineffective even when upgraded and that is nowhere nearly worth 1250 tokens,which roughly translates into 20 something bucks.For this money,I could get a lot of things.

Sorry,man…It’s a really bad deal.


I don’t think “for only” and “1250 tokens” should be used in the same sentence