A big revolution in the SM gameplay


I’ve had this idea out of nowhere… I don’t think it has been mentioned before but how about having rank 3 and up going 3v3 in the arena!

Boom!!! Brain exploded

Ok I’m bored and wanted to remind TS how fun that would be!

Annnnd maybe some would even spend real money to get a third good mech ready…

  • I would like this idea to be implemented
  • I don’t want this in the game

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I would say no personally because my three mechs are oriented towards 2v2


Don’t top players have three mechs in 2v2 anyway? So they can have hard counters?


2v2 has become a counter mech choosing lucky skill…

3v3 without having any order to chose makes it more strategic in your line up building…


I made the same suggestion about 3 months ago and we got a decisive yes vote. Word from silver box is the devs are considering it but we haven’t had any report back on what the devs think yet. Hopefully we hear back soon, I’ve tagged Sarah but am still awaiting response


Honestly it should be a rank one thing, 3 mechs just makes progress so much slower than it already is with literally double boost power and cost needed compared to when reloaded first started


Not really. Everyone at rank 3 already has the parts for three mechs. By that stage you have three and pick two out of the three for each battle. It would be no extra time investment for anyone at ranks 1-3. And honestly, once you get to these ranks you’ll understand why everyone wants 3v3. It’s so frustrating, luck based and totally not fun to play at this rank now because people here have more than enough parts for three mechs so you get really annoying hard counter mechs. Can’t tell you the number of times I’ve lost a battle because someone put a phys with 200 energy first when I put my energy second then next battle I put energy first and it gets raped by a heat mech. Ie the win is totally decided by who picks what mechs at random in which order and cashes in. That’s the general experience at these ranks and until this is fixed you have nothing to progress to, trust me. Arena “mech selection” 2v2 is a failed experiment conceived by a retired developer to create “more interesting gameplay” at the top ranks but in fact it has done the opposite.

Bring back 3v3 now.


I do know that the topic has been covered many many times!
It just needs to be revived regularly :stuck_out_tongue:

And I was bored so…

Anyway you covered every aspect of why it needs to be brought back!


I’m a little upset at the lack of a pun on your name and revolution. :stuck_out_tongue: I agree with the idea, 3v3’s should be an option.


no, all is clear! not to reminded or mentioned it to SM staffs or devs, but i have an idea that you guys (dev team) might have some spare time to spend in your OWN GAME cruising in battle ladder using dummy accounts seeing how is 2v2 working. 2V2 IS BASED ON YOUR LUCK!


3vs3 is okay but with tripple rewards cuz it take long time to finish a match.
Also it will be nice if the mech selection screen not showed to opponent


That’s cause you are rank 1-2 lol. I am all for skill based gameplay or 3v3 when you finally maxed all your items. The only way for people who haven’t fully maxed out their 3 mechs or have the best premium items is luck in 2v2. How can I beat dual valiants? Luck. I am rank 4-2 (depending on the time of the week), and I only have 2 maxed mechs, and I know a couple of players who only have 2 mechs as well. While you can say that we are the unusual minority, it will make it even harder for people to actually get past the rank 4 barrier, though you probably were in rank one since before reloaded so you don’t know the pain. Not trying to start an argument, just stating my point of view.


It’s all good bro, more people we have talking about it the better. I was just informing you where we currently are in the movement to abolish this horrendous 2v2 system. We’ve reached the point of dev consideration but knowing them they’ll be very adamant to destroy their “hard work” they spent creating the failed system and it will take a lot of persistence to get them to pull their heads out of the sand and acknowledge its inadequacy.


I do not think, I only have 2 mechs, my mechs do not even have mythic modules, not one, they are all legendary, and I am rank 4 in the good, and now I am accumulating money and boxes, to go for my 3 mechs, and then the modules.


We are the same lost case, dude.


Me : * Likes This Idea *
Also Me : * Realize that i don’t have a credit card or even money to buy the third mech *


I think its a cool idea but I also think that the battles would take too long.


It doesn’t make it that much longer and it helps justify the wait…


And for those saying that they don’t have what it takes for a third mech… to reach top ranks you’ll need a variety of parts anyway…

Maybe 3v3 top 2 ranks?


I prefer long thinking battles than short 1 minute 2v2. Anyone who built 3 mechs and played 3v3 knows that 3v3 narrows the field for extreme counter mechs. You risk your mech getting destroyed easily If pick wrong in 2v2. If you have yet to play 3v3 know that is superior in gameplay to 2v2 in every way. Making an extreme mech in 30 seconds won’t win your battles. Every balanced mech you make holds more value in 3v3. Making balanced mechs is more difficult…