A big change to upgrading and transforming (not so big but whatever you tell me is it big or not, ok?)

(Let’s just forget my latest topic. Ok? Because I don’t want everyone to hate me just bcoz of one single topic) We all know today’s upgrading and transforming. Use any item what u want to use for upgrading, and the item will get upgraded. For transforming, get a few items with a random tier (depends on which tier are u transforming), and you get a brand new item. ( Woah! clap clap ) And ma idea would totally change it. I will start with upgrading. For upgrading, you will no longer need to sacrifice your very bad, bad, good, very good, and great items. Instead, you will have to get “items” (is not weapons or anything suitable for ur mech). You will be able to get them in campaign and shop. And, here is a relief for all pesimists. In campaign, you won’t get these items in boxes you receive in campaign, they will be separated. But in shop, you will be able to buy boxes in which you can get only “items”. And let me explain the “items”: These can be random thingies.

Examples for heat weapons:
A heat supercharger (increases heat damage),
Extra propeller (decreases heat cost),
Sniper (increases range) (sniper goes for all weapons)
and a lot more…

Examples for electrical weapons:
Super generator (increases damage)
Disintegrator (drains resistances)
Ultra charger (adds or increases knockback
and a lot more…

Examples for physical weapons:
Sniper (increases range) (this is going for almost all weapons)
Ultra charge (also increases knock back)
The bomb (increases damage)
and a lot more…

Examples for torsos:
Cooler (increases cooling)
Super protector (more hitpoints)
Fire shield (a heat shield (for replacing shields)
and a lot more…

Examples for legs (all three types):
High boosters (increases jump range)
Crush metals (increases stomp damage)
Shield (increases hitpoints)
and a lot more…

Drones (all three types):
Extra gun (increases damage)
Mini bug (drains resistance)
and a lot more…

Teleport and Charge:
The boost (increases damage for Charge)
Exploder (increases damage for Teleport)
and a lot more…

And for modules, it will be almost the same as the old system, except you will use items.

Importantly, there will be visual effects. Sometimes the “upgrading item” will just be placed onto the item and it will looks the same as it looks when it isn’t on it. And sometimes the “upgrading item” will literally be inside the item, and you will barely see it. And something I want to say for “upgrading item” “extra gun” for drones. It will add an additional gun on the drone. Just to say.

And now, you are probably thinking: “And what am I supposed to do with useless items I wanted to use for upgrading???” So you will be able to “sell them”. Don’t complain immediately. Because yea, you won’t sell your items to players, you will sell them to “nobody”. I mean, you’re just gonna sell them. There is selling in other games like this, that’s where did I got the idea. Now, the transforming. For it, you must have at least 3 items on your weapon \ torso \ etc. You will need a new core for your weapon etc. To get it, you will need 2 items: core housing and the power generator. You can either get them in campaign or arena, or just buy them. And to build the core, go to upgrading section, choose the power generator to be upgraded, and then choose the core housing, then click “build”. And you got a brand new core. Then click on item you wanna transform, and then click on the core. Then, click “transform”. And there ya go! You got your item. By the way, in shop, when you buy “upgrading items”, there will be boxes 4 boxes: weak upgrading items, good upgrading items, special upgrading items and core items. Weak and good upgrading boxes will cost gold, while special upgrading items and core items will cost tokens. Weak upgrading items box will cost 1000 gold, good upgrading items box will cost 2500 gold, special upgrading items box will cost 35-40 tokens and core items box will cost 50 tokens. I guess these prices are fair. So do you like the idea, or you prefer upgrading system we have now? Vote! :wink:

  • Is awesome! Implement!
  • It’s better than this one, so I guess is good…
  • It sucks!
  • Is not so good.
  • I don’t care, this and your upgrade system are the same good for me.

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REMINDER: I’m not asking for this to be implemented. Of course I’d like this to be implemented, but now, I just wanna hear your opinion about this. Also, what would you like me to tell about in Part 6 from Campaign 2.0? (Please, tell me, I’m confused and out of ideas :confused: ) (also here is a link to it if you haven’t read it yet: http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/second-campaign-full-version/8063)

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Needs a bit of work, testing, balancing, but i like it.
Will need alot of work for the devs, but why not, they get paid for it.
And i really apreciate that you took the time and dialed in some hard work to put it down on the forum.
Kudos, my friend.


You want to have the modules for weapons?

Kudos…? :confused:

This is like reading a terms and conditions.

I like that idea…but do we still need to transform items?

I forgot to write about changes in transforming… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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hmm sounds a bit weird
so i choose potato!
try to refine the idea a little more

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i tried to make them but i dont know how to make them if you could tell me how to make those?

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