A Betting System (Optinal Addon For Multiplayer) & Making the friend system return

Greetings Players of Supermechs, I just joined Tacticsoft today, and this got me excited, because I’d figure, why not try a betting system to see if you can press your luck? So, it would be in the multiplayer screen in between the fight button and the chat, clan, and replay buttons. It would have a logo of a small pile of tokens and credits. It would also have the word BETS on it. As you put your amounts in and when you press the fight button, It will search for another player who has the same exact bet and is roughly the same rank as you. It kind of gives the pros a bit of a more rewarding victory and kind of makes them gamble in clan fights. So, I think this one would be great and all, but its all up to you.


There will be strict limits on the system:

  1. Only a maximum of 7,000 Gold and 20 Tokens will be allowed up to (Maybe on some days {depending on the people who work for SM} the maximum can reach up to 10,000 for gold, and maybe 50 for tokens)

  2. If you have less than 50 tokens or have less than 10000 gold, you cant access the betting system. You can still access if you one currency that’s in the limit, but the other cant be used. |FOR EXAMPLE: Lets say you have 23,375 Gold, but you only have 13 tokens. You can bet on gold only, but you cant bet on tokens. Same goes for the opposite. If you have enough tokens, but you don’t have enough gold , you cant bet on gold. The system can still be used until you run out of the limit, then you’ll have to earn back, then you can use it again.

  3. (WARNING FOR USERS WHO WILL PRESS THEIR LUCK WITH THIS NEW SYSTEM) Don’t press your luck betting multiple times, you’ll risk losing a ton of currency!!!. I would recommend betting once or twice a week. Your currency is what keeps your mech developing and gaining strength. If you don’t follow this, then it isn’t my fault when you lose your mech savings over a battle. Its your fault if you do so.

NEXT TOPIC: Bringing Back The Friend System

Throughout the chats of SM, Ive been meeting lots of people who have things in common. It makes me want to be friends with him/her, but since you don’t have a friend system, I’d figure this would be the next big thing for SM. Having friends to talk to with and fight each other would be great for daily players who play 24/7. Just think of the people who would be happy about that!!

Thanks For Reading Everyone! Hope you like the ideas! Please be sure to reply and tell me what you like and whats wrong. Hope this will come in the future!!!


Hello and welcome. I don’t like gambling but a better idea is just facilitate trading freely between players and then we can make our own bets if we wanted. (fix all ways to cheat first ofc).

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Thanks and do you agree with the friend system as well?

yes could be good to have friend/rival list to save players to.

You are a member of their team now :question:

Or you meant “I just joined a Tacticsoft game today” :question:


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Hi, @MacintoshPlusR, I am happy for you. But since you are now working for TS, can you please refer to the entire thread:
And my post in particular:


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well we have clan, but yea, friend system is better than clans.