A better clan notification system

Sometimes, I see that one of more of my friends in my clan is online, and I type messeges in the clan chat to talk to them so maybe we can battle. However, they are usually on campaign farming so they never see any notifications for it. So the idea I’m proposing is that every time someone in the clan chat types something, on the far edge of the top of the screen, there is a small notification that comes up, it could show maybe just a little message like “there has been activity in the clan chat” and the message would be small as to not block out much of the screen, and I think it would make communication in small clans made up of friends easier.

  • I want this idea implemented
  • I like the idea, but there are some things I would like to change about it. (List in replies)
  • I do not want this idea implemented

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Yes plz, that’s the best idea i’ve heard yet

no offense everyone :no_mouth:


Same…one of the best ideas I’ve heard so far

it’s a very good idea

Great idea, but it still does not solve the fundamental problems with the chatting and player list: it does not work as intended. You cannot invite to battles, when you want to ask clanmates about sth and you see them on the chatlist, it appears they are offline! That is soo irritating…

TS have an update involving clans about to rolling, probably we should wait for it and see what will change before bringing up further suggestions.

Yup, this should be added. I want to annoy my friends, and and they’re just farming!

The players have spoken!
Heed their call.


yeah, it will increase the amount of players in the game.

That update is supposed to make them more interesting, so I’m pretty sure its not a notification/

Thanks! Feels good to finally have a good idea

@Sarah247 Unanimous vote on this one.

hey, your’e on the right track for a real “game changer”

get it…:joy:

bu dum tiss



There are MANY issues with the chat since months / years, and you are really hoping tacticsoft will change that “now” :question:

  • kicking to the workshop
    fixed (after more than 1 year :exclamation:

  • chat “swallow” lines, depending where you are going to (workshop / campain)

  • right side “online” list is not correct, also pm dont worked/work there

  • clan request are not shown anymore for clan leader

  • if clan leader leave, clan is lost

etc, etc, etc.

No solutions in sight, so making suggestions is still a great thing, but the hope for it to be heard is = 0, after MAIN issues are NEVER solved (even new updates are coming).


Keep in mind, with so many suggestions, they have a lot on their list to do and it takes time to do it. I say give them a break. If anyone on the team sees it I’m sure they will get around to it eventually, as the vote was unanimous, and it doesn’t effect their money income like showing the drop rates of boxes.

dude your idea already came out it works!!!

Wait is there a notification system? I dont see one

maybe try going into an active alliance that is messaging you. you say their nickname and when youre away a nonification will pop up

Ok so there is a changed notification system, but it only shows if you are in the arena interface where you can choose to go to clan menu, or chat, or arena. Hopefully a proper notification system gets added that shows no matter where you are.

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