900 Damage + 200 heat? Bloody hell

How is that suposed to be fair?
The drone dealed me -200 HP

I had 1300 HP, and him only 260 hp left and he still beat me because of that wtf, this weapon suposed to be balanced @Sarah247?

image sent by a friend:

What the ### hell is this?!?!??!?

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It is a glitch happened to me too when my drone hit 400 dmg, it was because I used my nightfall but it didn’t show, and my drone hit the total dmg .

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If the drone dealt you 200 damage that just means it dealt 179 damage and 21 was added because of your negative resistence.

The thing that dealt 600 damage was the burning scope. Its an easy weapon to deal with as it only has 8 range. So, just keep the other player mid field or just stay away from the edges of the map and you’ll be fine. Since getting it i havent had the chance to use it more than twice because it isnt the easiest thing to set up.


Idk. In my opinion the only time it can be used is if your enemy doesnt realize you have it or doesnt realize what it is capable of doing.

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i know, i’m not a new player lmao, i was reffering to the burning scope, this shit is over powered


I wouldnt say its overpowered, since you have to work to line the shot up.

752-966 is inaccurate, that’s the stats when used by an insane campaign opponent.

Here’s the real maxed version’s stats.

Only hits at range 8, stay away from the 2 spots nearest to each corner and that thing becomes a decoration just like the lights on your christmas tree. :slight_smile:

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Yep. Here tis

It’s everything except overpowered.
It’s the only weapon that has a unique range (8), its autoheating is pretty high and you have to work through the line to be able to use it.
If you met someone with 2 deathpunches, that’s absolutely more deadly since they deal 186 heating (with just 62 autoheating), -26 ExRes and 243-463 dmg each shot.

Gosh, death punch sounds an awful lot like a weapon that doesnt deal 200 heat damage with one shot