6v6 and extreme 1v6

new battle type. 6v6 ! more strategy , more breaked mechs.winner will get 2-5 token and 10000-20000 gold.

next idea is 1v6 for extreme players. if you win you will get 1-2 premium pack and 25000-50000 gold.
but you will fight with a rank 2-4 player and you alone against 6 mech.


Most people can’t afford to make two mechs… how could they make 6?
Not to mention it would divide the playerbase even more… finding a battle would take forever. Nobody would search for the same type of battle.


the devs are too greedy to give out candy like this


u madman xD

i like the idea, but dont think we got enought player base x this
without mention just a few can make 3 responsive mechs, more would be even harder