+64 resistances!


HI sir there is a new bug or a hacker i found
see this


I found a Diamond Shell with 82 resistance


It’s a bug, not a hack. But he exploited a bug where you can use more than 1 resistance module. Notice the low health.


This was probably done in a non-ladder match. It’s actually very easy to do with the right… things.

Ladder matches however are a different story, as they actually have checks to prevent this kind of thing from occuring.

As far as I know, not many people can enter with these sort of mechs in ladder. (ZION being one of them)


That’s a very good thing


Flux. it was in a ladder match


Oh dear, that’s not good.

Better tag @Sarah247


Guys, thanks for making us aware of the bug.
We’ve located the problem and will be deploying a fixed version hopefully today (actual time depends on Apple/Google app approval speed).


The matter persists and it seems that there are unscrupulous people who take advantage of it very well… in the last battle I saw him with 52 resis

“Ethics” seems to be a very unpopular word here


It’s called cowardice. He probably uses GOD mode in his other online person to person games just so he think he awesome.

PFFFT so lame.


Untrue, I took a 52 resistance diamond shell into the ladder