6 Tick Speed World


I would like to see the introduction of a 6 tick speed world with some changes done to the the game play to make it a fun world that you can finish within a week. This world would need to only run during the busy times of BD like summer or winter holidays to make sure that it doesn’t turn into a dead era. It could even be run as a one off event.

Game changes that might be considered:

  • Shield max ticks increased from 12 to 18

  • Nukes minimum eta changed from 6 to 8

  • Resource cap changed from 15k to 20k (Big wallet 40k)

  • Lvl 4 building take 18 ticks to build (2 hours → 3 hours)

  • Lvl 5 buildings take 36 ticks to build (4 hours → 6 hours)

  • A tick limit to ensure the Era is short?

####Please feel free to suggest more below

  • Love the idea of a 6 tick world but we don’t need the game-play changes.
  • That’s a great idea for a 6 tick world and the game-play changes should help to keep things balanced.
  • A 6 tick world? are you joking? sleeping misses about 48 ticks! no way would i play.
  • I have a tweak that i will write down in the comments below.

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Original Post:

One 6 ticker please

opening up a regular 4 tick world would be cool too


@abdul007 you could try out G1 which is currently a 4 ticker.


Galaxy isn’t Fun no competition im talking of opening a 4 ticker in BD or more 3 tickers atleast in mars


Ummm why exactly do you need the game-play changes, 6 tickers have existed before and they were fine the way the game normally was


Game-play changes were to see if there was an interest in changing the rules to make it slightly more playable.

I think you should be able to sleep for at least 3 hours without knowing you’ve been stabbed and conquered.

As almost twice as many voted for such changes i would hope that if implemented Alex might consider some of the suggestions. The changes suggested are only minor ones and still keep the game much faster than a 3 ticker.

Edit: I’m only asking that they be considered, Alex may decide to agree with you and decide a 6 ticker should have no rule change.


Yeah, there’s 2 ways to prevent that:
1- Don’t sleep
2- Don’t play a 6 ticker

Changing the game is not going to help balance, imagine 2 active alliances war with 18 tick shields. Imagine how many people will place for the lols and have 5k more metal than usual to spam with. Nuke minimum eta 8 is dumb as well, you basically have no use for them in an OP war, just for xp farming inactives.


That does make sense but you are putting the view point across of just the top team that’s in control.
The rules in my 1st post are more to benefit the casual player.

Would you keep every rule the same as it is in a normal era?


This game isn’t for casual players though. If you want casual, relaxing gameplay you don’t play BD, and you most certainly don’t play 6 tickers


^True, we could have it show like “experts only” (corny ik) instead of a suggested world sorta thing


if its experts only why are u considering to play


Didn’t say I would play a 6 ticker, heck even 3’s are sometimes too fast 4 me :sweat:

I just would like to see it happen, even a 4 ticker world would do, just I think something faster would benefit the playerbase seeing as people especially wanna be able to play a quick era during breaks or vacations :slight_smile:


people have to sleep/work and even with one tickers you have to set alarm clocks get up use the restroom grab a snack log on for 10 minutes make your move and back to sleep u go. idk how players manage 2 & 3 ticks world. at some point you couldnt get up for dinner because you come back and your entire alliance is smoking wasted wreck. but still voted yes why not :smiley:


I guess I have an advantage since my computer is in the kitchen. I will drop 10K reds on a six ticker.


Give me half and ill win it for you

EDIT: now that i think of it, i want all of them. I’ve carried you enough for free


would be nice thats a 2 week era with no life no need for changes since it will be so fast specially the nuke change , i honestly dont think the casual player will be on every hour to check if he has been nuked or not plus shields in fast paced wars arent used to buy time irl unlike on tickers lol . also if implemented would be nice if its soon when people can afford to have 2 weeks non stop for bd (since its summer vacation for a lot of people)


For free? My love isn’t payment enough?