5th Mission Dry Lands Madness


Hey there. I come as a “New Player”, and on autopilot.
Then, 5th mission.
I see tank but game giving me robot with two swords instead of tank.
I battle with robot and anyway lose I or win game show me defeat screen.
And it continue and continue till I refresh page.
Anyway, it need to be fixed.


Happens on pc.
Works only at 5th mission dry lands as a new player.
Video with fact how it happens will be soon.


That was happening after an account reset.


Hmm… strange.
It works after I touch “New player” button and play the dry lands. Works at 5th mission.


Happens when you reset or you use cheat engine.

Have fun lmfao


I never ever hack

have a pew pew pew day FiringBot - 2k18.


If you dont reset , would you mind showing us the mech of this account?

You wont be able to fake it , since we can see ur tokens / coins / exp / level like that.

Show it like this.



But I made attention: “I come as new player”.


Show the mech of the account , no excuses


Tokens are farmed from missions, never was spented.


that much in an hour?

bullshit , this is another account

You need to make 20 missions for 100 tokens , no way you did 40 missions with your mech


Here is way to earn tokens.
Like this:
“Earn 10000 gold”, “Earn 80000 gold”… etc.


Show us your achievements tab then , show the achievements and the campaign.



Show the campaign porgress




+130 starter tokens.


There are was another one achievement “Win your first Hard Mission”.