5k tokens LOST AND whats A Legacy Item?


I lost over 5k tokens!! when i logged in For the first time over a year since i stopped Playing SM and a Lot of NEW! Things were there including The so called “Legacy” Items when i tried to boost my Parts It said “legacy items cannot be boosted” DUDE WTH??! so your telling me my op Robot just became “Outdated”??? someone pls HELP ME REGAIN MY 5K tokens and tell me WHat The HEck HAPPENED to SM???


SM just gone through a major update.
They added new items and stuff.

These new items are more powerful than the ones you have now. Meaning, all the weapons you have are now useless.

You have no choice but to start from scratch.

About then 5k tokens, pm @Sarah247 about that. Thebgame also went a change in currency.

I would like to warn you this game is now p2w.


P2W!??? :money_mouth_face: OMG how LON was i GOne I used to remember SM being a Good Game But NOw!! im Shookt :pensive:


Welcome back to the game.

There are a lot of things a returning player must do.

  1. build a new mech with new parts. Find parts that can be upgraded all the way to mythical.
  2. all of your old SM parts are Legacy. use them for upgrade of your new SM parts.
  3. If you have problems with full inventory - there are a lot of threads here that talk about that. Be careful with using the legacy converter. ALL unequipped items will be turned to Power Units. Equip any you want to save before using this.
  4. Farm. Farm bosses to get upgrade parts.

Good luck, and have fun.


how can you a make an item mythical?


If an item can be transformable to mythical , go to your workshop and check for its stats and you will see an orange-like color.

Upgrade the legendary to MAX (LEVEL 40)
and then use 5 other legendary items to transform it to mythical :slight_smile:


so u need a legendary item to make it mythical?


so I need to get rid of all my old items but keep those that are still useful?


Yes, you need to choose the item that you’re going to make mythical and upgrade it to max.
and use 5 other legendary to transform it to mythical

You need to get rid your old items that aren’t useful but keep those that are still useful like the 1 kg teleport, mythical teleport, shields…etc


and i cant use a legacy which is legendary? but can you make a mythical item using a common item?


You can’t use a legendary legacy item to transform it, can use it as upgrading power

No,you can’t make a mythical item using a common item…


oh but can you turn a common into something like an Epic item?


You can turn the item as follows

Common ----->Rare
Rare ------>Epic
Epic ------>Legendary
Legendary ------> Mythical


Sorry, just logged in the forum.

I haven’t been here in a while.

I hope you got the upgrading bit done.

Once an item has been powered up to Max, you can Upgrade it to the next level, if that item has the Mythical color code (the small color codes in the item description.)

To upgrade to the next level, you need to use five items of the same type.

Example, you need to make an item Legendary, you’ll need 1 Epic item upgraded to its max level, then five other epic items.

Note, do not use for Upgrade items you have powered up. The power up will not carry over to your item.

I hope that cleared some stuff up.

Thankfully, @Yas999 has been answering your questions. Thanks! :smiley:


your mechs not op again

because you use legacy items/old items