50% Off Easter Weekend Sale

Please have this sale. Plus NO BOX NERFS!

I will buy $100 otherwise …meh

You can choose up to 2 options in this poll.

  • I would NOT buy if it were 20% Off
  • I would buy if it were 30% Off
  • I would buy if it were 50% Off
  • I don’t care about discounts

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I would buy if it were 100% Off :wink:


I would,but I won’t.
I buy at 22nd every month and I already spent the money for this month
There is never any sale when I actually buy…

I don’t know why anyone supports this game anymore .


Free premium item please!( For Easter holiday sale)

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naw it is impossible

I know,I just hope it lol

Free items portals with insane stages so hard that not even revives can make you win , just remember grave diggers portal and you will see my point

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I want free three pp for easter weekend lol

talking about grave diggers… i wish the devs would give them at least more health than the devouring paws, i mean common they’re like a phy version of them, and phy is supposed to have the best health or damage :expressionless:

Could you respond to my poll: What Do You Want For Easter?