[+50% EXTRA GOLD] Thank you Tacticsoft for this Event

Just like the title says. Thank you @Tacticsoft :grinning:
The Campaign Madness + 50% Extra Gold Event is the type of event we need to progress our Mechs. Nothing fancy, but a nice, solid, steady supply of Gold to help pay for those heavy fusion costs
I hope you run this event regularly
This is actually more profitable per fuel spent than the old gold portal
Please don’t change it

What rating out of 5 would you give the +50% Extra Gold Event?

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This event was just: :ok_hand::100: I want this to be on 24/7 XD

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The event its good, however i still hate the new system of upgrades, as some parts are much more expensive than before…

Are you talking about the 20% fusion cost increase to Mythable Legendaries and Mythicals?

If you actually look at the new Power Kits, they more than make up for the increased boost costs

Mythicals - 20% higher boost costs
Mythable Legendaries - 20% higher boost costs
Non-mythable Legendaries - 30% lower boost costs

Common Power Kits - Increase Boost Power by 16.5%
Rare Power Kits - Increase Boost Power by 22.5%
Epic Power Kits - Increase Boost Power by 30.1%
Legendary Power Kits - Increase Boost Power by 35.7%

Make sure you use the kits and it’s actually less to fuse your items

The one major issue that still needs dealing with though is the Gold and Item Portal rewards (particularly for cost). They are just not worth it at the moment which keeps people pissed off (esp. when they were such an awesome deal prior)

I give it a 3 because gold doesnt get you anything, i need boostibg materials to progress and i never get any. Once again, grindings is boring, i wont do it

@Sarah247 and @Mohadib, please make this Gold Madness come instead of Gold Portals :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, probably make “Item Madness Portal” more common than Gold Portal.


You will find only those most of the time… still not so much worth for me…

I’m betting they nerfed it the moment they finalized the shop upgrades. More fuel along with faster fuel regeneration would have meant we would have been getting a buff.

So, the only way for them to not give a buff was to nerf the portals to keep either the original amounts the same or to nerf it slightly to make progression take longer under the guise of a buff.

Wow, that post about the fusion costs was super helpful! You’re doing a great service!

I noticed in an old interview this…

Yes, because of the “economy”, any time they introduce buffs, there have to be corresponding nerfs (eg. Power Kits and Boost Costs). They have to “manage” the incoming flow of Items and Gold. I get it… The portal drops before were Crazy! I saw people getting dozens of Legends… but since then, it’s been heavily nerfed… like down to 2-4 Legends/portal tops… pretty drastic…

The severity of the Portal drops doesn’t make much sense though (why not gradual?) unless… the portals were only a placeholder for the upcoming “dungeon” and are going to be phased out… hopefully for something better… I got a post on that shortly :grinning:

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Im not sure if its a 20% increase to max mythie boyos. Seems more like a 50% increase.

It used to cost this much before bs nerf.

Now it costs this much.
The 50% gold today does help, but make it 100% increase like before. Then I’ll give it a 7/5. Either way, I am now spending more $$$ than I make regardless of efficiency of boosting kits.

My recent experience with upgrading the Backstabber from Legendary lvl 1 to Mythical lvl 50 using quite a few boosted power kits as well:

Total cost including Silver boxes was just over 3 million gold.

It was previously around 2 million, so real world inflation of 50%

I have done this twice now. The previous item cost 2.6 million to go from legend lvl 40 to Mythical lvl 50.

It’s fucking RIDICULOUS!!!

I wouldn’t include the cost of the silver boxes in the calculation

In theory, players could get all the boost items straight from the campign without paying a cent…

Old Boost Cost was definitely 526,820
Hmmm… it was 50% on initial release but then they dialed it back to 20% a day later (not sure if error or in response to compaints)

I saw 632,220 as the cost to fully max a myth 1-50

(632,220-526,820) / 526,820 = 20%

there used to be 100% , this is nerfed

Yes, I know this, but 50% is fine for me, just not lower than 50% Percent (Ex: 25%, 49%, 10%, -1%)

Gold Boost.
The only event that isn’t a scam :slight_smile:

Joe, thanks for digging up that old thread. I don’t know how I missed that one.

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holy jesus they needa chill with these nerfs…