5 Months playing. What I've seen

Disclosure: Started playing in December. I make it to R3 for Arena. I have 2 almost myth’d mechs and an Energy on it’s way up almost to myth.

I think everyone would agree that starting this game was very fun and addictive. Fuel would constantly be replaced so there was nonstop play if one so chose. Epics would fall enough that you could make a decent Mech just from them. In late January is when things changed. OD6 was changed. The odds of getting a FB was nerfed. That was the first real nerf that affected my gameplay. Fair enough though. OD6 gave great exp/gold. I don’t blame them for not having a 1 stop shop for farming.

After that is when they have made me almost completely unhappy. Nerfing the boxes to slow advancement was the cheapest way to slow down game progression so people would play longer. No need to create more content that would satisfy the player base. Just make it longer to level up. I don’t like it but I understand it’s the easiest and cheapest way to make a few dollars too.

Next was the PVP change. I honestly didn’t mind it. I know most hated it because they had only one mech built but I had a second mech being built with a 3rd one started. I wanted one of each mech so that I can have some variety. While at first I was happy that happiness was soon destroyed with Arena coins. I have no problem with Arena coins in concept but the application ruined pvp for me. You see, I can’t log into my “baby” mech and lose my ranks to go pvp at a proper level. If I do that then the next night I log in I will lose the amount of coins I receive. So, I went from someone who pvp’d for 20 wins a day or more to 5 wins only. I can’t afford to lose rank now or else I lose coins. Horrible, horrible implementation. You literally killed PvP for me.

Now, back to the box nerf. My first mech was a heat but due to no L+ side weapons I was forced to switch to phys when I got a Spartan. I enjoyed my heat but I can’t compete without a L+ side weapon unless my opponent lacks one as well, At r3 that is almost never the case. Abominations/CR’s and Magma’s are all too common by then. I guess I’ve been quite unlucky in that respect. But with this change it make me realize after spending another 2k tokens… With this drop rate I will most likely never get them. Never mind getting something like Plat plate. That is literally impossible now except through an act of a higher power.

So, where does this leave me? I now have wasted more coins getting nothing. I can barely get an epic from a silver box. L+ weapons are now out of reach for the average player so what is the point in playing? Maybe I’m bored with the repetitiveness of the game? I won’t argue that. This game lacks depth due to a small selection of weapons and the only gameplay at higher levels is PVP. Which wouldn’t be a big deal except It’s not a skill based game but an item based game.

Let’s see if I can sum up this rambling discord…

When I started this game I could play a lot or a little and still feel like I was improving. Now, leveling a mech feels ridiculously glacial. Getting epics for building a new mech has now been replaced with power units and the chance of getting legends from Premium boxes is almost nonexistent. Finally, pvp is not an option anymore because if I want to play a different mech combo I lose rank and lose Arena coins.

So, what is my incentive to play?

The people who are losing out the most though are new players. You are literally making the same exact mistake twice. The first time was allowing Legacy items to stay in the game creating an unbalance. Now, you are creating the same exact problem because new players don’t have the ability to attain items in the amount of time the old players did. In that sense, I’m fortunate… Most of my gear is good but it is gear I would never have if I started playing today. Your nerfs made that a reality.

I don’t know if I’ll quit this game or not but yesterday was the first day I chose not to log on. I think the best thing I can do now is not play until I see how you handle this but my outlook is negative. Your past actions in no way encourages me towards a better future.


Man, we’re coming from the same place, although I did progress a little better than you due to the items I was lucky to get. I too started in December.

I too converted both my mechs to phys because I could not get a Magma or Abomination in 6 months and $500 spent.

Now the Claw came along and destroyed me. Because of no claw I only play 5 PvP for the day and I’m out. My season wins are sitting at 72. My normal season wins average 350. That will tell you how much I have reduced my game time. I barely made R1 this season because of Claw mechs, and having to pack 600+ energy now due to Arena Shop boosts to energy mechs. Therefore I’m Nerfed against heat. But that’s okay given that heat is a dying breed. Not many around compared to energies.

At the moment, I’m just farming the fuel I get, and hoarding all the shekles they so ‘gracefully’ bestow upon us. I’m not buying boxes, I’m not ever spending money again. But if they don’t revert the nerf then I’m out. The game becomes pointless and tedious in its current state.

Anyway, good luck in whatever you decide.

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I started since 2016 , it was quite fun and all , i dont really care about ranking and casually enjoy the game with the items that i got from boxes and build creative builds , playing casually with my friends and make smurf accs to have the mechs of my dream, but sadly ,now , not even an F2P like me with that gameplay style can even enjoy the game at this point

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Best topic ever made on this forum right here.

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That’s just it. When it comes to heat I just wasn’t lucky but I knew the opportunity was available to eventually get it. Now, by reducing drops across the board that opportunity is flat out gone.

You would literally have to be an idiot to begin this game as a new player with these changes. People like you and I will destroy all new players due to their inability to get new content. Where is the fun for them in that?

There are so many ways they could have done this different and players would have been happier. Instead of nerfing the boxes they could have added 1 more tier to all items (Let’s call them “relics”). It would have required a small amount of work because they are simply changing proportions (Hp/Damage/etc) although the graphic part would have taken a bit longer. Relics would have allowed everyone to feel like they are getting more progression when in reality it would do the same exact thing as nerfing boxes.

Yes, it would take a bit more work but still a minor amount all things considered. Beyond that, everyone would still feel like they have a chance and getting that L+ item they need.



Read more than half , good enough.

That 1 more tier thing…
Too much… 6 mythicals as food for 1 more tier… that would prove …
2000 hp claw.
600 hp myth plates.
1600 dmg flame scope.
900 dmg bunker/magma.
And the amount of myths needed to make a “relic” mech : 96 myths?.
For 2 mechs 192 myths?
Dont think it would be viable.

Like I said…

Proportionally it would be the exact same game. Instead of adding another tier all they did was nerf your ability to level. Yes, you will see more damage but you will see more health and more resists. Nothing changes.

Beyond that it would leave room for adding more campaign options which this game needs desperately. The 2v2 isn’t going to come close to cutting it.

A lot changes.