4x, 8x Speed for auto?

A lot of us don’t have time to farm, a lot of us do, so why not add a 4x or a 8x speed for Auto? It’s been mentioned once I think? But I have no idea. Although I still have time on my hands, there’s no telling when my studies will get the best of my time.


How about instant?
Like a raid-complete mechanic that’s literally SO common it’s a clichee.

But then game time on players would decrease and so will their earnings.


What about if you defeat a map you can take the reward of that map anytime without playing again…


Thats literally what Lake just said…

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Chill out,bro…

What if we could like… NUKE a mission?

I’m clearly hinting at an unreleased feature here… it’s like the fifth time I’ve said this

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@dankmementos alt account? :thinking:

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its an ol runnin joke

maybe some background here and here


What do you mean" NUKE"

will it ever be released

yeah… study is stressing…



Maybe this is a feature that should be added only when you reach a certain rank (ex 175)

I totally agree that a something faster than 2x is needed to farm. 8x would be great.

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They will add it certainly alright , only available for players with supporter status in game