4th mythical 🎉

Holy crap, am I inconsistent…

I said I was going to retire, but since I reached another myth in the short span of 2 weeks, I guess I’m going to continue?



Yeah you should continue. i spent more time on forum than actual game. Some time i dont login to sm for 3 days. I even dont remember what is my mech heat n energy lvl. Some time i over shoot everything n sit like duck.

I m jealous of your legacy teleport so you should get rid of that. Bcz i dont have :grin:

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I love how at first, hell practically broke loose when everything everyone had became Legacy items, and now they’re all talking about which type of mech is more OP. In the long run, SM Reloaded wasn’t that bad :grin:

As if, bruh :rolling_eyes:

This system is far better than older system. Many ppl may like old system bcz it was easy to play or easy cheated.
This system has its flaws too but they will fix it eventually soon.

Well… got addicted ?

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Darn. You have more myths than i do

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I would get that drone up. Those things are fierce. I hate seeing those pop out.