4 mechs in one battle?


That bug LOL


i do not know rick parese false


To be fair , you need a HIGH IQ to understand the 2v2 of supermechs.


wait is that actually how 2v2 is? im interested now.


its not , its a glitch


yes its a glitch but a 2v2 will be good :smiley:


nice!!! I like it…!!! I always thought it could be like that…


same , when new players hear about 2v2 they often think of that.

Tbh if there were 2v2 / 3v3 with other persons , they’d need a ‘‘party’’ system , where you could add persons to your party and have them in your team 100% of the time.

If not , then its a random chanse you’ll queue up with someone random


craziest battle or maybe a photoshop


its bug when you watch replay and then go to fight
or just watch many replays