4 Man Raid Idea

I thought a raid was typically more than 1 person? How about making it a 4 person clan raid? 4 members go in individually and post up the best score they can for the day. Add the scores up and that is the total. Maybe use the clans name and a number to identify separate raid groups in a clan. IE (Supermechs1- Supermechs2 etc)



What if we just had a clan raid instead??

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yeah …a clan raid would be better


no offense dude, but…
1.How do you get people together
2. have you been playing too much Pokemon Go?

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  1. What?
  2. Wtf is that?

If you’re thinking it must be ran at the same time that wasn’t what was written. 4 clan members have 24 hours to run it just like the raid is now. Add all 4 scores up to get the raid team score.

not at the same time

A whole clan raid would be better

Then how would different Time Zones work out. What about the multi account people who just randomly keep a clan full of their own accounts

we should have clan wars

We shouldn’t, let’s keep this game simple.

ok it would get complicated