33k items left, 7 hours to get rid of 'em


Another great account dies.

I’m out.


Its actually 7 days, not 7 hours.

But yea, 33k items you’re still screwed either way. Considering you are down to 43k gold, you’d need to spend probably 10k tokens to buy 15 million gold. lol


So you’re the one that’s been hoarding all the good stuff… MMMM the good old days…

Well you got 7 days to mine for the gold then dump as much as you can beings I still see no sign of that super fix dump all items into power kits TS spoke of doing for us hoarders before the deadline.

I guess if you stay you’ll just get a lot of unclaimed boxes till you hit the gold mine so you can Fuse all that stuff. Just like me. haha

Maybe we’ll get lucky and get a longer reprieve but I doubt it.


from campaign
im sure you can do it m8

like 2 hours a day


Dude, Lol, watch this:

7 days left (100k per day) = 700k

Do you thing 700k gold is suficient to get rid of 33000 items? Are you kindding me?


Don’t worry… 33000 items isn’t that much. :)))))))))))

“Have fun”



you had a max fused metrolens?


Well, i was always a creative player Looool




im saying that being 2 hours a day

maybe you can play more


There’s no way on earth he’s going to get rid of those items. Even if he were to buy the tens of thousands of tokens needed to obtain the required gold, it would take him forever to boost/transform them…


I got a possible tip for ya, I just checked it was way cheaper but in my opinion we get screwed.
Go to the kits and select a new BLUE power kit to fuse, you can throw a bunch of mythical crap in one of those and fuse. I just tried 10 torsos it would cost 13,000 in gold to power up a 3500 power kit to max.
Again not worthy of the lower conversion amount but it will let you dump a lot and cheaper than fusing a bot part, if you have a bunch of those blue power kits that is.

OR one day tacticsoft will complete that dump fix they spoke of, some day maybe…

Outside of that you’re stuck with feeding the unclaimed boxes bin. hahahah then when you finally cleared out your inventory you get to open all the unclaimed crap and start all over again…


Don’t worry, I heard HappyPoppers is suggesting a toilet (with flushing sound) for us to flush our items down.

This will help for sure. :slight_smile:


Great! i hope this AMAZING feature comes alive! : - )


haha LMFAO it will come alive as quick and snappy as the paint kits coming back,
OH MY BAD they took months, so we’ll all have to cross our fingers because holding our breath won’t work out to well for us. :dizzy_face: