300 Fortune Box Open..... Enjoy

To My Great Clan Leader and friend @L4K3, who been waiting for this post. And for everyone else. Had to do editing to speed up the vids, So made 4. That why it took a while.
So, enjoy…

If you don’t want to watch Video…


I guess the drop of fortune rates dropped again. I was expecting at-least 30 Legendary. Only got 12 boxes out of 300. I accidentally forgot to record 3-5 openings, ff you weren’t paying that much attention. Don’t wory, you missed nothing.

So, The drop rate for legendary Box is .04% now
Drop rate for Common is .00333%

… and I accidentally openned a pack… Didn’t want to…


Oh you actually got stuff cool.

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I guess it’s okay

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Thanks for this. Now we know it’s virtually pointless to collect fortune boxes.

Would be interested to see legendary drop rates for premium boxes. Seems to be 15-20% anecdotally.


Basically Myth Food…

I thought the drop rates for legendaries in Fortune Boxes are nerfed as well. That’s my impression. I suppose it’s now like the Fortune Boxes in the campaign. Also, I think, I’m getting less Fortune Boxes.

Hey, at least you got some good legendary items.

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Things I already have…

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Thanks for the photos, JamAnime. For me, it’s preferable over watching a video.

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Your Welcome… , Some don’t want to watch, some do.

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My Gosh,I’ve been waiting for ages! :)))

Such a good watch,mate.Sorry for the drop rates though,but at least you did get a Claw.

So much time and effort into this.I love it :cupid:


Can you tell me please in which period of time those fortune boxes were collected/pilled up, which dates?

The 0,4% figure is quite worrying…

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The collection date doesn’t matter.
The opening date does.


I think I been collecting since maybe February or March

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