30 Day's pass - What's this ❓


I managed to get knowledge that it is new “special” offer.

For now it means another scam for me.

But i’m still not very good known with that.

Why Scam ?

It’s wroten you get 25 token’s, so as they are free.
And then you get Prize.

Today’s Filthy marketing technique. :angry:
So scam.

- Hey come drink nice drink…
- …it costs 5$ .

Event pop-up say’s:

Every day you log on - while 30 day’s - you will get 25 tokens.

It’ seem’s to mean you will get every these day’s 25 free tokens.
I remove confusion - you have to pay for EACH of these 25 tokens, 5$ xd price.



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This is a new offer we introduced today.
It is a 30 days pass that allows you to to collect 25 tokens for everyday you log in.
You have the potential to get up to 750 tokens.

Not sure why you think it is a scam. You are not obligated to buy it. It is in the shop the same as other offers. You can choose to purchase it or not.


I edited post, and already told why,

sorry but i don’t appreciate such sneaky techniques.

When you sell something you say your selling.


It is in the shop and has a price tag.
I don’t see anything scammy about that.
You are entitled to your opinion. I respect that.


Yes, i agree.

I don’t say about that.
I say about new event pop-up on starting game.

Here it is like i said. :frowning:

Thx for conversation.


No one’s forcing you to buy it, the “news” page isn’t misleading, perhaps you have a different definition of “scammy”? It’s just a package allowing you to get 750 tokens instead of the usual 250 for $4.99,the only catch being you get them over 30 days.


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not bad offer… still thinking on it


When I first saw this offer, I thought you are giving us free tokens for logging in every day, for 30 days.
Im such a fool lol


Scam implies deception.

It’s pretty clear about the trade off: the purchase is better value (less £ per token) but you have to give a guarantee of daily play. Since I play daily, I’m more than happy to be offered a discount on tokens for my dedication. Not a scam at all.


And if you simply meant the news item was a scam I disagree with that too. It’s essentially an ad poster. To use your drink analogy, when you see this coke poster saying “have a coke” do you call it a scam because they didn’t explicitly state that you have to pay for the coke before you have it? Similar situation.


People need to stop freaking out over every little thing. From a devs perspective they must feel like it’s impossible to please us if every little offer is hounded as a money hungry scam by the community.


if i would be a moderator, i would put up this statement for debate in a different thread
because it is half wrong and half right
and i know people like to solicit (even unvanted or unasked) their personal opinion and viewpoint (anschauung)


Yes Thank you very much Ahem