30 day pass new


25 tokens in a day?! Woo!


soo paying for tokens with a chance to lose them?


Kinda job.



my favorite part




You actually have to pay 4.99 or something for these.


It’s better value than the other token purchases only it takes longer to reach the full potential. You’re essentially paying your guarantee that you will play at least daily as half the price, which I think is kinda neat. Win/win as far as I see it.

So much toxicity lol. It’s just a new little offer, don’t have a cow.


I agree with this, even I would buy it… If I would let myself do it.


Seems like SM need’s some goddamn money lol.
They won’t give up.


Dude,that’s actually a good offer.
It’s a win-win.
For 5$,you’d normally only get 250 tokens.
While this takes longer,you can earn triple!


Oh…welp I changed my mind then


Ehh you can buy 5 x 0.99$ for 150 tokens offer and don’t lose anything XD.

Additionally you have them instantly, and you spare 5 cents :smiley: