30 Arena Wins sssssssss

Anyone get the 30 Arena wins yet?
'Just wondering what you got…
A pissy Epic Scalpel or similar nonsense?

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Yes i got 30 arena wins.

And i got an terrible epic…
It’s fine…At least it’s a legy food.

I got sizzling rollers I tough a legend or a good epic

Is it heat or Phys?

Also pls question it here thx.

sizzling rollers, the epitome of dung piles.
i will probably get the same.

Heat ones @The_Yo_Yo_Man

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Oh…those are rubish.
Use them as a legy food.

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yep I know that its weast

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bbnbnbnb charactbnj 20

This…(Pls? Ty.)

I have over 350 weekly wins this week.

Got this

Really nibba