2x Extra Gold from PvP! 13.01!


Greetings, pilots!
Today’s PvP matches give you 2x Gold income! Don’t hesitate to play and claim your rewards!


arena room is almost empty for the big players


why just x2? TS get money form those premium boxes why can’t f2p have good thing? x3 gold? x2 daily reward?
x1.5 exp? well idc if TS delete this comment but you should care about f2p like you give p2w user you guys have too much greed… :b:


you understand that if you are rank 7+ and buy a premium account for 8 hours this is a great way to farm gold right? Unless you have 3 maxed mechs gold is an important resource


shitting on them for making these kinds of events is definitely super productive.



Thank you :exclamation:



Yeah F2P say oh yeah :bbbb
Don’t flag me plsss… :v


Well… Here is your :b: :b:


Takes 5-10 minutes to get a match.


Thank you @Berserk40000 !


what have you dont berserk?!


Alright that’s cool thanks.


When is Fractured heat armor coming. .?


What do you mean?