2v2 Switching of Mechs: How Exactly Does it work?

How many times can you switch mechs?

If you are energy drained can you still switch mechs?

Advice and tips please from experienced 2v2 players.

Thank you.

You can switch each mech in once.
If you start with mech A then you can switch to mech B and back to mech A.
But after that you cannot switch anymore.
The next time mech B will appear is after mech A is defeated.

Please note that switching in a mech on the player’s command costs one action point.
Only when automatically switching in due to destruction of one mech does it not cost an action point.

As for energy break I’m not sure if it was a bug or intentionally but I had this experience:
Once I switched out my mech which has received an energy break to be able to fire with my other mech.
But then I was shocked because my second mech had received the energy break status from the first mech and was att 0 energy,.
So I could not fire.

I think this might be intentional as it would be unfair to energy mechs if you could simply switch mechs after receiving an energy break without this effect.


And before you start a battle, if you remove the checkmark from both Machs, the one you mark first you will start with that Mach :slight_smile:

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Had that experience too. I think it’s a glitch.

Funny thing is, this doesn’t work in the same fair way for heat as it does for energy. If for instance you’re overheated/shutdown it doesn’t apply (even as a bug) to their second/third mechs. So really it’s pretty unfair for heats that that only works for energy.

It was not intentionally.
It was just a bug, right now it works fine, only sometimes it shows the wrong energy amount at 2nd mech after switching, but I think it is just visual :exclamation:


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I would agree, but I’ve seen this for myself in some top and lower rank players fights. And it seems to count. Although I do hope it is just a visual (it’s hard to confirm otherwise).

Not everything you see (or read) is right / correct :exclamation:

As new forum members claiming they are “new” :exclamation:


In replays this is a visual bug, that exist now for years - showing the wrong amount of energy per turn :exclamation:
It is kinda like the display of the actual energy in replays is always one step to late.


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Two times.
Once per mech (that is still operable).

Yes,you can.

If you use two of the same type mechs as your setup,the second mech will have a better start.

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2 times

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Of course it cannot work for overheat or shutdown.
If you get overheated or forced to shutdown then you will lose one action or a whole turn for cooling down.
So you can only switch after the your heta is in normal range again.
As for heat taken over, I had that, too, once.
I switched from my secondary energy mech with bad heat stats to my current primary heat mech with good heat stats.
Suddenly my heat mech started with two thirds of its heat already filled.
Pretty annoying.

But since that seems to have been a bug occuring shortly after the 2vs2 mode was enforced for ranking it does not matter anymore as it seems to have been taken care of.