2v2 spawning issue

Ok so i have ran into a problem. i would fight in a 2v2 battle and after my weak mech dies my other mech doesnt spawn. please help.

and now it wont show the battlefield


i cant even do battle invites!!!
EDIT Thank you sarah!!! i appreciate it!

Internent connection?


no my internet is fast i done a test on it

Ehh just message Sarah if you want.

i added more pics

Try a different device and see if you get the same problem?

I’m experiencing the same… second time against the same opponent…

notice the drona facing backward too lol

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It’s not a connection problem, it happens due to the switching mechs glicthes on the lobby screen.

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same here!
cleared cache - did not help

u seem to be the problem my friend :wink:

Same problem. Cleared cache, restarted browser, tried firefox and chrome, restarted computer… still happens.

Can I have your user ID?

Can I have your user ID?

One hour ago, I had problem to enter the battlefield versus KILIR after the screen of mechs’ selection. I tested my connection and I refreshed my browser. I lost the battle without fighting. When I look at this replay, the game freeze and I have to refresh again.
After two refresh, I clicked on random battle again and after numerous secondes, I faced the same enemy: KILIR.
Two battles in a row versus the same enemy, first time it happens to me (it tooks more time than usual to find an opponent, like there was nobody to fight with me). I selected my mechs and waited for the rest. This time, I’ve could enter the battlefield but there were big lags. KILIR killed my first mech but when I released my drone with my second mech to destroy him back, my drone turned backward too after the shot (like you can see here) and his second mech never came. After secondes, KILIR left the battle and at this moment, I’ve seen the lifebar of his second mech (but not the animation) and I won the game. When I watch this replay, it’s never ending and I have to refresh.

@Sarah247 My user ID: T-850-9172

We did have a bug that should be fixed now.
Can you please refresh your cache and try again?

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Battles are fine now, but campaign has the problem again (screen goes back to BigBoy instead of Ramboy).

nice mech


Now, I can watch those replays without needing to refresh.

@Sarah247 I think the problem came from the legacy ammo beside his resistances (TS should remove all legacy items from the game to be secure).