2v2 New Chapter Premium Box Prize

Well, another chapter, another premium box, another disappointing drop. I got 3 greys… anyone got anything better??

I hope at least one of the chapters coming out this week gives AT LEAST and epic…


P.S. I put this in General Discussions and not Bugs and Issues because I don’t want complaining.


I got 2 grays and 1 blue…sad :confused:

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i have never got a yellow from the so called premium boxes at the end of the chapters.
Even purples are like, almost never here.

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Some people have… I think it includes my brother @casualdude

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That’s a gold box and not a premium.
Btw,I got 2 commons so good job


Didn’t know that…

Why then… is a “silver” box better than a “gold” box?

Can we have a “bronze” box?


I got one grey nothing else…one card…:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

before reloaded we always had free myth stuff from campaign rewards. Now it supposed to be legendary but…That’s incredible how things are changed


Im not sure about that myth stuff. We only got the myth stuff after we defeated bigboy for the first time. The chapter bosses only gave a gold box. Which didn’t include a mythical item, only if you were lucky.

As far as I remember, you started getting Gold boxes (with high chances of myths and lots of legendaries), then premium boxes (auto-myths), then Premium Rack (5 myths)…

Note that I never beated BB in Legacy…^^ I got Gold boxes and Premium Boxes for sure, maybe 1 or 2 premium Racks…

the gold box at the end isnt a premium box…

Its a retextured mix box…


You make me remember creating a dual demolisher mk 3(that non-myth needle blaster)to beat BB,even though my main can do it.lol

aren’t premium boxes supposed to drop only epics to legends? so far i’ve only gotten COMMON GREYS!!!

It’s a gold box,not a premium box lol

no, the boxes that are clickable after you beat the boss are premium boxes… and premium boxes are supposed to give epics to legends…

No,the gold box when you beat a boss the first time,its color is different if you look at it closely

lemme see that… (oh wait… i pick the boxes up lol)

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Missions boxes are actually mixed boxes guys not premiums

Before the reloaded update , those boxes are used to be prenium boxes that drops mythicals/legendaries mind you


yessir i know, thats why i was very confused for a while until my legacy account got cleared and i noticed that it was only adding mixed boxes to my pileup. i actually thought it was silvers at first… silly me