❓ 2v2 = good / 2v2 = bad


That all does not change the fact that “Only 2v2” is totally based on Luck … which is (as explained now so often) …

  • the only from all 3 (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) where Luck decide the most (mech row)

… what is a NO GO for a battle strategy game :exclamation:

So facit …

  • ONLY 2v2 is BAD :exclamation:


1v1 and 3v3 NEED to be introduced again :exclamation:

Otherwise the game will die faster , than you can think :exclamation:



3x3 is luck too… Because you can change but your opponent too.

If you don’t like luck (me too) can made 3 balanced mechs.

That’s why I said troll mechs is a great problem. 3x3 can erase troll mechs. This would be good. But if troll continue 3x3 don’t fixed problem. Is luck the same.

Unbalanced mech is a biggest problem. More than 2x2.


i would be fine with 2v2 if there also was a 1v1 in there but we are forced to play 2v2


Time for a change :exclamation:

It becomes worser and worser every single day :exclamation:

2v2 (2 out of 3) is 80% based on Luck who wins :exclamation:

If you like that … you should better play a roll the dice game, instead of a battle game :exclamation:



guys can you help me to vote this,thank you