❓ 2v2 = good / 2v2 = bad


That all does not change the fact that “Only 2v2” is totally based on Luck … which is (as explained now so often) …

  • the only from all 3 (1v1, 2v2, 3v3) where Luck decide the most (mech row)

… what is a NO GO for a battle strategy game :exclamation:

So facit …

  • ONLY 2v2 is BAD :exclamation:


1v1 and 3v3 NEED to be introduced again :exclamation:

Otherwise the game will die faster , than you can think :exclamation:



3x3 is luck too… Because you can change but your opponent too.

If you don’t like luck (me too) can made 3 balanced mechs.

That’s why I said troll mechs is a great problem. 3x3 can erase troll mechs. This would be good. But if troll continue 3x3 don’t fixed problem. Is luck the same.

Unbalanced mech is a biggest problem. More than 2x2.


i would be fine with 2v2 if there also was a 1v1 in there but we are forced to play 2v2


Time for a change :exclamation:

It becomes worser and worser every single day :exclamation:

2v2 (2 out of 3) is 80% based on Luck who wins :exclamation:

If you like that … you should better play a roll the dice game, instead of a battle game :exclamation:



guys can you help me to vote this,thank you


Lets see how YOU players think now about it …

Current 2v2 (with choosing-screen) is good or bad :question:

Result in September 2018 was …
(82 voters)

  • 73 % voted “2v2” is bad

  • 27 % voted “2v2” is good

  • 2v2 (with choosing screen) is bad
  • 2v2 (with choosing screen) is good

0 voters



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[Mech Types and Mech Teams] Some help for novices in understanding the 2v2 meta as well as comments re: "Mech Roulette"

2v2 sucks


I am gonna point our that the root of the problem is player and arena progression. I did have a few posts about controlling the rng. None of this will matter if you don’t have the parts to compete in arena though. Everything is unfortunately under pay wall. I would not recommend whales or dolphins to drop tooo much money for this game.


Doesn’t this mean no necro of threads…especially when it’s been discussed and reviewed already and provide no further insight in the bumping post

Who knows, the new rules and policy are very strict and I would like to know how far ut goes…


That’s incredibly vague.


Yes and pretty funny how some (3 members tried so far) try to interpret the new rules, this way, so others (who they don’t like) would get in troubles :exclamation:

But @Berserk40000 and @Smirk are intelligent, and can clearly see what is good or what is bad for the forum :exclamation:

This new poll is totally topic, and through it, developers like @Silverbox can clearly see how the thinking about the current only 2v2 with choosing screen develops :exclamation:
So it is a good thing :exclamation:


So to all forum members, please vote at the new poll here, so we have your opinion also about, which is also a very good thing :exclamation:



Bestplayer, I just realized this is your topic. I can’t imagine there should be a problem reviving your own topic.