2v2 Campaign: Frozen Abyss

Am I late or something, since when?

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since monday

They really should have someone post these in news/updates, aye?

Seems A LOT of people forgot about this happening.

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2v2 campaign is really boring.

My opinion.

better than nothing
(u changed back to shadow pfp?)

You aren’t wrong. The only interesting thing I’ve seen in 2v2 is new molotov. (depressing aye)

@The_Yo_Yo_Man profile picture (pfp).

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off topic
Yeah…the reason is because i am going to be gentle.
Plus the negative rules…soo i can’t piss someone off.(With jokes)

I’m still gonna be remembered as Jerry.

Also what’s pfp?
Ah thank you @Transcendant


I just found out yesterday