2nd.... HP myth modules... yes or no?

  • Remove all mythical HP modules.
  • Nerfing HP myth modules (125 points less)
  • Reduce the weight of HP epic plates and allow them be upgrade to Legendary.
  • Allow all HP plates to be obtained in common item boxes (with different weights and capacities).

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I just picked the first three because why not?

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It’s the idea…

I don´t know if devs read these poll or not.

(I’m still waiting for them respond to an email I sent 3 weeks ago and was referring to the purchase of tokens, so imagine … )

But it would be interesting for devs to think about this, because it´s the way to take the pulse of game, to know that it wants and does not really want people.

You have not gave he option of keep the hp modules the same. I like my legendary-myth plate :wink:

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True, it would be like the other extreme to make them disappear…

Actually I’ve never been in favor of eliminating anything or doing nerfing.

My idea is always to improve which needs be improved to be competitive.

But a fair poll do include all options (also ones you dont like), not only the ones you like !

^^ just a fact !



Really between 4 options. only 1 speaks of eliminating and another of nerfing.

Other 2 options have nothing to removed or nerfing, but, to improve the epic modules.

You can select, if you want participate, any of the 2 which don´t talk about eliminating or deteriorating and also help all players to be competitive.

But as said, to let it be a fair poll, the option “let all about HP moduls be like it is”, need to be also there !

That doesn’t mean I would vote for it, I just say … do fair polls !


Like it is now its simular to …

  • make boxes cheaper
  • boxes should give more cards
  • boxes should give min. rare items

… but no options “let the boxes like they are now” !

I am pretty sure even you understand this !


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The problem is you are unable to edit a poll once it’s been made and passed 5 min.

And re-posting ideas again never get the same amount of interest as when they are first posted.

@Wepwawet, If you want to re create your poll feel free and I can shift the comments over to the new thread. Don’t feel you have to.


Yes I know that, I just wanted to clear this, because I saw now very often polls, which are one sided.

And as said, that dont mean I am on the other side !

Just fair polls is what I want to see !


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No nerfs or removal needed !
Just make myth more common OR option 3 Make the epic plates > legendary :slight_smile:

Or Let me buy one for 500,000 xD


The legendary-myth armors don’t need to be nerfed.

The common-epic armors are the ones that needs to be buffed.

Reducing their weight and having them be able to go up to Legendary seems good.


Flux makes a valid point; seconded

I’ve always thought that they should be epic-leg-myth and not just leg-myth, but then again in the last version we had myth armour so I guess buffing the smaller version is just as good.

buff the epic modules

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that gap between hp modules and protectors, is too much.
Basicly gives 70% more chances to win against those that don’t have it(1 module), and gives 95% chanceto win to the one that packs 2 of them(we assume that he does some sort of mystake or has a bad starting position).
In the old iteration of SM, this diference wasn’t that grat 4-10 hp for same weight.
And if we all remember the 21kg legendary plates, were quite used because of the weight.
there need to be a bridge over ths gap.
Either allow epic modules to go mythical, like the rest of the modules, that seams the most balanced feature.
Or allow them to go at least to legendary, to close this huge advantage.
honestly who uses the epic protector?

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So much difference that even looks comic. It’s as if someone was wrong to program and then they would not have noticed …