2nd and 3rd place rewards


BattleDawn’s community has always been pretty split about it’s feelings towards 2nd and 3rd place token rewards.
The proposition argues that they can be used as bargaining chips in diplomacy, they allow for the little guys in the era to strive for something (realistically) and therefore provides some form of incentive.
Others suggest a range of issues, like a lack of competition in eras, derive from these small, end of era handouts, and would consider various other options, such as removing them all together.

I had a fairly simple thought when reminiscing about a certain contest, set up by Malicewolf, on E1, Era 18, in which alliances could win points through winning battles, killing armies, hitting armies with nukes and getting conquers and crystals. The alliance with the most points won a jackpot of tokens.
This gave me the idea that, if we were to remove 2nd and 3rd place rewards from BattleDawn, perhaps rewarding those players that killed the most armies, fought the most battles, took the most conquers, etc, would be a good replacement.

I’m not really suggesting a specific system, but here are a few things I’ve been considering:
The development of a score, based on kills, battles, conquers, etc, that is separate to the current score, I’ll refer to this as a Killscore.
As for who to distribute these blues to, it could either go on the most competitive alliance, as in the one (that isn’t the winner of the era) that has the highest killscore. Or it could go on individuals, either rewarding them based on ranking, killscore, or individual achievements (like highest kills, most battles won, most crystals, most conquers, etc). Again, this should (in my opinion) not be attainable by the winner of the era.


I agree. This would be a great idea as it would increase competition. And after a big war when an alliance gets destroyed, they will have reason to carry on. Even if they dont win, they can still kill a lot and get blues for that.


I never liked the 2nd & 3rd place reward system. (yet another idea i voted for i think but regretted it)

I like where you are going with this.


same thing gets on the way is farming
you can farm kills for day of farm counquers and you will get the blues in the end
and many people will get a lot of blues from farming
so i think they should stick with the 2nd , 3rd system for now until a reliable new system is offered


Well a pretty obvious response to farming would be to only give ‘killscore’ for conflicts with similar or greater power players.


I think there are more important things to work out then to arrange rewards in the game right now
i think this will need a little effort and i think they should look about that after they do significant and other important updates
your suggestion is goo just not accurate


Well this is a thing BD has been wrestling with for years, I mean they tried to remove the rewards in 2014 and then had to bring them back.
Now your argument against the suggestion is that they have more important things to do, but this game has been around for almost a decade and that argument would maybe have been relevant a year after the NC, not now.
I think perhaps you should either come up with some valid criticism or just refrain from trying.


no that wasnt my argument really i am just saying they have other things
my argument is still the farming that may possibly happen and i dont think the counterkill will help


if u wanna increase competitiveness u can either increase rank 1 rewards to maybe include reds or just perhaps tinker with the system of kills to make it that if for example player X and Y are battling player A and B while X just sent 1 spam for the kills he normally would get the kills stats i just think that maybe make it so that for the kills to register player X needs atleast 20% of the army in the battle and it should differ with larger amounts to reduce it and small battles to increase the percentage required


Well its not just about increasing competitiveness, it’s also about getting rid of the current 2nd and 3rd place reward system. I mean I honestly think most people who don’t abuse the system are probably all for getting rid of those rewards. However, when they did it in 2014, there was a massive backlash, and as such, I am sort of suggesting a middle ground that has probably been suggested before but not as such a broad concept.


so farming conquers and kills is a bad thing these days ? whaaaaaaaaa :frowning:


not sure how accurate is the word bad
well its illegal but i think its accepted by at least half of B community


the conquered pay tax’s and in your area you have to continually prune units from these colonies or else they become a threat regardless if your also getting XP from itand also maybe blues if this takes off. nothing wrong with that, and if your not doing this i find it strange.

No way this is against the Rules, is it ???

This reminds me of how taking and razing ops was being pushed, then the turn around several yrs later and started saying it was a form harassment and possible ban.


you are misunderstanding the method farming
bu farming it means planting your friends near you to get couqneurs
and farming kills is making someone plant and do a big bunch of arours and kill them to get XP and R5


misunderstanding sorry

In that case if someone is farming then they get banned and their stats wont count anyways.
Whats the problem ?