2ab weird theory

remember… just some years ago we still use this tv…

this phone…

but what do we have now?

And much more other examples.

Human is evolving too fast… It is good but scary at the same time…
I scare human will destroy themselves with technology… I scare that one day the world will be destroyed… And I am… no… we are stuck in a VR.
Think… in a future where our technology has reached a new unbelievable height… making a VR having memories of a person to go through history again is too easy…
We might be different now but in the future, we can just be the same person… the same annoy “me”… no just “me” memories.

Maybe… “me” is the one destroyed the world… and now many people are using me memories… lIve me life again… to find out how I did it and is there any ways to save the world…

we are a science project with -D which sits on a desk of an alien kid

Someone’s been watching too much SAO


I will use VR
To play Supermechs on a better PC

Or kurzesagt

Interring theory tho. I’ve heard it too many times xd

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Humanity will perish.
We don’t have the resources for much progress and we certainly we aren’t focusing on what has to be done and what we really need.
And we’ve destroyed enough of our planet and atmosphere as well.
And much more.

And now you ruined it.
This is a completely dumb piece of crap and I won’t bother reading no more.

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XD like Sword art online :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I fail to see how phones missing buttons is an improvement. With slide-out keyboards you get more screen space than an Apple iPhone because half of the screen doesn’t need to be used for the keyboard. Apple is junk compared to any Android phone. Apple is the opposite of evolution. Its simply people who want to pay twice the price to make some kind of strange fashion statement.

/gamerule doEvolve_Technology false

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I don’t like SAO fck you guys…

but why do you even spend time quote it…

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“2ab weird theory”


Just another widely popular idea that 2ab pretends is his


Thanks for summary :v
But doesn’t weird thing always fun to think :upside_down_face:

Paradox! But as the ancient philosophers said: Man was born to die …!

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Mehan, I think I know you from the arena. :thinking:

God works in mysterious ways

All this technological progress, and we still can’t go to mars smh

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The landing is hard not we cannot reach there
Go crash your rocket :rocket: and it’s easy :rofl::rofl::joy: