27 days until lost valley is opened! 😀


That’s almost a month!


Wow…that’s long.




woah nice that I might get 2 myths or 1 till then


I just made my vr mythical; right now I’m working on making desolation myth.


isnt… frozen abyss next?


Frozen has been released. (I think)


silent waters were , not frozen abyss lmao


Lol no.

This topic is far away


Yes, the frozen abyss is next but if you scroll fast enough you can see that it’ll be almost a month until lost valley is unlocked.


it’s gonna be UNBEATABLE!


2 weeks + 2 weeks = 4 weeks

14 days + 14 days = 28 days

I love :sparkling_heart: math :exclamation:



27 days until lost valley is opened!

is that the keys the lost valley … were lost


I guess 1 year until over lord’s den opened
and insane bigboy will have 5000+ hp and got his brother lol
and their mightly cannon can deal 1000+ dmg :joy:


It’ll probably be a super op claw boss with 4000 hp 500 heat and 500 energy.


I just glitched the game. The Danger Zone is gonna open in 59 days and 5 hours (woah) and Overlords den, a whopping 78 days.

Sorry I got no screenshots.




I’d prob,ably have my both mechs myth maxed in that time.