2691 tokens Buying boxes

I’m going to spend 2691 that I been Saving from raids diary missions portals publicity and that xD
I’ll put here every single box that I’ll open cause there’s people who tries to guess the legends drop rates in premium boxes okay… now wish me luck :3… I’ll need it


More Trash



epic Energy protector ( Ididn’t take the capture xD)

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss I want Itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :3333333333333333 first legend

The topic will be really long… I’ll put the names : Banshee, Iron boots, annihilation, avenger, Crazed Repeater, Metal piercer, dinamic stompers, a legend energy engine (trash :r), snack, hurlbat, snack, sith legendary(trash), metal piercer, ironback, ronin, savior resistance, nemo, , desolation, naga, annihilation, headhunter, Bigdaddy(a legend energy weapon), grim reaper, Electric grappling, metal booster, sith, twisted flux, Heronmark(legend sword not bad I think)power bottons, ronin and a energy engine…

Okay people now you can see how i been wasting my time 2691 tokens 3 months and just 4 5 legends I think? woa that boxes need a buff .-. Months MONTHS I was waiting this offer cause I was thinking that spend 2600 tokens in items will give me something interesting, something usefull but now a lot of garbage .-. I think that I’ll out for some time .-. if these are the rewards for 3 months of effort, Then I have better things to do.


I get 1 sorrow xD I put 2 captures unintentionally


no problem.
yeah, they have to increase the drop rates.
that is why i dont buy boxes.
congrats on the sorrow and heronmark


thanks I just want a mighty protector but no I been wasting my time Saving tokens :slight_smile: but the sorrow and the energy weapon is okay I’ll see what can i do with the items that i get

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What level are you at now?

Why would you even buy premium boxes instead of premium pack when you have 2691 tokens?

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Good modules have a habit of coming from boxes rather than packs. Just my experience.

Nice job getting the sorrow! Great weapon, make sure to use it for heat.

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Nice, I got a Crimson Rupture though Which is… Good?

Do not rent to buy boxes, it is better to spend on portals.

I bought a box, contained Rolling Beasts, pretty good for my upcoming Phys Mech.

lvl 150 rank 5-4 for the moment

there’s people who says that premium boxes are better and others that says that premium packs are better so I just decided to buy the premium boxes xD

This is technically true. But personally, I prefer to buy boxes over packs and packs over boxes (depends on the time, and how things feel).

kinda how I got a few premium items

patience required though

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I’ll do it :3
@0ld_Supermechs_User o.o Nice
@cyanine I want that legs for my second mech x3
@Well yeah so many ranks 1 told me that and I did it but my mechs can’t farm the portals in insane for the moment so I do it in hard and I get a lot of epics xD


I know uwu it is hard to me to leave the game xD I’m playing since I have 8-9 years x3 so yeah i know I need to be patience even when I got months in the same rank but, seeing the good side I have my third mech almost ready an the same with the second one

U cant boi

Crimson is amazing


lo intentare para la proxima x3 cuando pongan portal alli gastare los tokens a ver que tal x3 Gracias por los consejos well

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