2500 Tokens For Fusion Material?!


Sreriously, 2500 tokens for this bullshit? We can get 5 legendary items for MUCH less tokens, adding 100k gold to the pack doesn’t make it worth.

Decrease this bloody price to like 500 tokens or just get rid of this, it’s useless.

Is this a joke?

Ok, i see what u did there tacticsoft.

This is the dumbest thing u can spend your tokens on


ah it’s new, it’s ridiculous


Thanks, I was about to post this, but my connection got raped.


I saw it after posting lel


Thank for takeing one for the comunity.
It is worst then it actualy looks.



Yeah just saw it…
Really thanks to Killin…for beeing the braver one… i almost took a dive at it also… but decided to check the forum befor clicking it to buy.
Good thing i checked… or i would have been really pissed right now.


Thanks Killin! This clarifies things. And yep … it’s crap.


No problem, i’m here to help.


thank you for showing that this is going, I was curious, I hope they give a refund or something if they remove it as if nothing within the next hours


Osea que solo items épicos o como ta eso


NOOOO !!! Not equipment… I’m sorry for you. Totally misslead.


Maybe they should make the cost cheaper, free-to-play players can’t afford 2500 tokens


That’s the point!
It ain’t for the free-players :wink: