-25% off the premium account's price


Greetings, Pilots!
Today you are able to buy a premium account with a 25% discount :slight_smile: So if you have been thinking about purchasing it, we recommend you to go in the store ASAP!
Have a great day and see you on the battlefields!


thanks i 100% needed this


I’m so glad I didn’t buy one 10 minutes ago lol


Worth to buy prem acc?


only if you’re in rank 5 + and want the Arena Coins


i am rank 5 but i bought 2 prem boxes 5 mins ago :confused:


And if you don t have a phone


how does that make a difference


With my pleasure I’ll to buy premium if I can pay off it by those unnecessary and useless epics that were foisted on yesterday’s sale. Just enough for a couple of months. I’ll grow myself much more XP.

Congratulations to TSteam with another success in a long war against the loyalty of the players.

I think I will announce a personal one-day strike - only campaign, nothing more and nothing personal, it’s just a game.

PS And so, just for information: with the new forum design, it’s much better to fail and become less readable.
Good fellows TSteam, to break further.


Adds xD

And boom extra coins or hp or idk


Don’t need it now…


wait, i have a question: why aren’t you guys doing the sales on prem boxes and packs anymore? It makes it easier for players that might not be as good at saving tokens, and players that dont pay to win


They haven’t done that in a while.


yeah, they should. it helps a lot for me, and probably non pay to win players too