25/24 Exploitation (?)


I’ve been wondering why sometimes one of the top clans has 25/24 members. Seen it for quite some time. Is it a bug or exploitation?

25 players in a clan

I’ve seen this happen with both LLYL and Reign. Beats me


The funny thing is when I hear someone saying that this game is not hacked


26 now !!!
funny !!!


Wow there is 25. I counted them.


People are using the ZION hack. Also why he is still not banned? As well as all the accounts that have exploited cheat engines and campaign box glitch? Will they ever be banned or fixed or is there no way of knowing? Too many cheat accounts floating around, not really fair to people who spend money on this game.


People using some cheat engines might lead to this game ending or even worse. So they should not be doing this crap. There’s lots of ways to get free tokens within the game. You can gain just about 1000 token making a new account. This game is getting better and better, yet some thing didn’t need to be changed. So forget those players who cheat.


How can u get 1000 tokens from a new acc? U cant transfer bonus tokens earned on it.


Do all the Achievements and campaign. That simple. If you know the game, it’s that simple. Don’t waste tokens on campaign trying to revise your mech. It ain’t worth it. Use heat mech in the campaign. The best thing to do.


Yea but those are bonus tokens lol
U cant transfer them to your regular acc. To send tokens you would also have to spend a bit to be able to send those tokens from the new acc to your regular acc.:thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


Reign is back to 26. I’m assuming more players helps boost ranking? -.-


27 now, growing up. An only 1 big clan that win supermechs. Nice idea !