24Hr Gold Portal Is LIVE!


It’s back!
Have fun and Good luck!


Thank you @Sarah247 :exclamation:

That’s great :grey_exclamation:




I really want a unicorn event but that event is good too for farming gold but next time a unicorn event will be great


I played on insane 2 times, got 60k coin once, but only 8k next time!??


I just finished Normal, hard and insane mission and then turn off my computer. Just 3 mission. :sunglasses:


I mean , these portals are becoming common , but wouldnt it be nice instead of this a unicorn portal? :slight_smile:


After the first raids on normal / hard / insane you dont get a lot of gold , just the normal per mission , 6k-8k :confused:


A competent course. :ok_hand:
Although I’ll afterburning fuel for BB perhaps.
Drove on all three levels, all only the first pass gives you a coin. And NOT ONE BOX the developers once again too lazy to edit inaccurate information.

tokens and daily qwest? :nerd:


Actually you can get quite a lot of gold but it’s chance based (actually, a relatively high chance) so the more you play the higher the chances you’ll get it. Plus there is a small chance to get a fortune box hat can give bigger gold reward than anything else.

The Fortune box, btw, is the same size regardless which difficulty you play, but it has higher chances to appear the higher difficulty you play (so insane has the best chance for it).


wu mai wamou , shinderiu


Either bring the exact parameters either you are a liar.
More than 20 rounds at all levels - 0 boxes, coin decrease.


refresh after each raid , i have recieved around 40K to68K coins each refresh


so need this coin? :rolling_eyes:
five scrooge-players on the server cannot drain the old stocks items - they need, the rest easely complete without this tip.


Hi, just to make sure, do we have a special portal every Sunday now?


It would be very helpfull :exclamation:


…I’m dead…


I hate you so much Destro, Sleep with one eye open buddy