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I never do. Nice acusation.
This is you style, lie and lie and lie somemore.
Remember when i was in HTK and you said something about your mother? Wonder what that turned out to be… ;).

What should i be carefull of? Are you threatening me little one?
If i remember the only one accusing is you, a topic about Andernut not beeing Andernut, a topic about welcometothewilds beeing a cheat,a topic about keed dimond beeing a cheat, wonder where these guys are now? [quote=“bestplayerintheworld, post:1, topic:5667”]
Can you please look into this …

Account asa8742 come out of “nowhere”, but it already has Level 142 (!!!) !

And many more like these.
Eveybody like some humor, mine is a bit different
I really enjoy these more:



I’m not insulting you, I do not know what you mean by insults, maybe my English is not the best, but believe me my words have the highest level of black humor. irony, among other elements but not insults, I have no reason to insult you, however if you do it by insinuating that I am not a man, I also criticized supermechs, my question is because you come to explain what you do not have to do to you ? or you really thought you were co-administrator sponsored,

you simply speak only because someone like me leaves you in the open, then they jump to make you think that it is not like that.

and in something if you are right, possibly many need sponsors, however not the time in the chat applauding everything. being servile followers …

You are absolutely right, maybe we need , it is true, but my opinions and dignity is not for sale.

PS: do not confuse sarcasm with insult

nor the opinions in a forum with my personal opinion about you I criticize your way of proceeding in the chat not to you as a person


WOW thats now … typical you Goofy, NOW be very carefully, you step on a theme, which is way to high for your bordered mind, mhhhh …

BUT if you think it’s the right thing to bring such things into a discussion, good choice, so ALL can see NOW your TRUE face :exclamation:

My mother, yes, she had cancer and died one year later :exclamation:



@bestplayerintheworld Dont talk about that things, they are sad enough.

Did the event finished?


I was in HTK 1 year ago, remember?
You told us she passed away then, that was the reasson you went missing for 3 weeks.
And after 1 year… that means… she would have to die in december this year.
Now if memory serves me well that lie almost got you kicked from the clan.
Now you say it on the forum?
If your grief was real, and the loss was real, i know a forum wouldnt be the place to say such a thing.
This information if it was true, altho u contradict yourself, you wouldnt have so easyly share it here.
So please enlighten me with some more info about yourself.
You should really stop this attention seeking and this continuous calling for conflict.
I think you have gone far enough with the lies.


It was not me bringing it into here, it was ElNanoMetre, who was at that time in our clan, when I told all that I have to reduce my time to play, cos my mother got the cancer diagnoses, and doctors said max. 5 month.

It was a year and so she had some “extra” months.
But I would wish nobody in the world this extra months, cos she had a lot of pain, cos of this cancer.

ElNanoMetre bringing that HERE now up … I think no more words are needed :exclamation:


Since the gold rush portal is over some admin or mod should just delete this topic because this conversation is really offtopic now.


ALL ok with you ?

Seems your LIES and your TRIES to talk me bad damaged your braincells a lot :exclamation:
She died in December 2016.

Since when someone can die twice?
You have serious issues !
Even in that case to try to construct accusations :exclamation:
Seems you dont get the easiest things to understand, if you feel attacked little loser :grey_exclamation:

Diagnoses of cancer, one year later she died.
All can get that easy, but you trying to construct a lie about it, faild very badly :exclamation:
(its obvious for all what you tried now, “one year later” refers to the cancer diagnoses, never to you being in HardToKill, my mam was important, you not loser)

So all can see now your TRUE face :exclamation:

And watch your own family, hopefully no-one from your family dies with such much pain.