24h Gold Rush Portal

The devs have fixed the issue on web.
Please clear your cache then refresh the page.
Thanks for reporting everyone!


This mission is fine, I agree with @El_Metre that it would have been very good to at least give some boxes.

this mission is about kill the “idiot” brother of bigboy

once played I will give my Balance

Normal level gives as a reward = 6.220 gold (no boxes) cost (6 fuel)

hard level as recoempensa = 13.930 gold (no boxes) cost (8 fuel)

insanity level given as reward = 9.650 gold (no boxes) cost (10 fuel)


the BIGBOY campaign level insanity = 20,700 (gold + box) cost (14 fuel)

2 times = 41,400 gold and 2 boxes (28 fuel)

in this campaign GOAT (3 times) 13.930x3 = 41.790 without boxes the cost is (30 fuel)

take out your conclusions, it’s only easier but it does not give more reward than bigboy and you spend more fuel to get it.



Sorry! But after more than 10 gold rush battles in insane mode, system giving me 9650 gold coins. Why??

BB insane mode is better.

N. Clean cache.

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And why when devs “fix” some things, most of the time there is a “nerf” / decrease of the GOOD things for us players involved :question:

Just saw, now 2000 less Gold then before the fix :exclamation:

W H Y :question:

1500 Gold less
1880 Gold less
2250 Gold less

W H Y :question:

Edit :
I “tested” it once more and saw …

  • its a visual mistake/issue, it promise the wrong amount of Gold now …

  • or they plan to reduce it

I dont know, but always so many confusion, cos most of the updates, new things come with issues :grey_exclamation:

Just barely beating it on insane mode ( NO TOKENS SPENT) :smiley:
Beating 9 bots with no fixing boosts? That’s pretty hard

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Intelligence is a gift a privilege.

tatisoft should consider in the future include in its team of developers, moderators and the team in general, the inclusion of privileged people.

at least one. I really know that it would be a drastic change for you all to have someone like that on your team, but at least you should try.

i love how ya get all this gold,no box rewards, so you can go buy more box rewards and the more ya buy the grayer they get???:slight_smile::joy::laughing::middle_finger:

As I mentioned in the original post, it may be a bit tricky to understand the benefit of this type of portal event since it’s the first time we published one and seems the game mechanics aren’t very clear to fit it.

There are 2 types of gold rewards for this mission:
Mission Win Gold (which include everything you win in a mission, including gold for killing each enemy, destroying buildings etc)
Reward Box Gold (which you only get if you win a reward box)

The Mission Win gold is nice relative to the region and the difficulty of the mission but is not the main attraction of this event.
The Reward Box is the real benefit of this mission and is built for grinding. In all difficulties you have a good chance to win a box. In that box there is a really good amount of gold, that no other mission on the map has (not even big boy). You do have to win this box though, and that is a bit statistical so if you only have a few wins the experience can be random and very different from player to player.

We even added a small chance for a Fortune box that give a really big gold reward and that box is the same regardless of difficulty (though the chance to get it is higher the harder difficulty you play).

To add to that we defined a really generous 1st clear gold reward per difficulty (beyond the tokens).

So it’s WAY more profitable (gold wise) to grind this event on insane (or hard) than to grind Big Boy mission. It costs less Fuel (6, 8, 10 vs 10, 12, 14) and can give WAY more gold.

If you’re a smart, efficient player this is the event you want to grind for gold as long as it’s available. :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification, Mohadib. It was pretty obvious what you meant in your initial post but some people have difficulty understanding simple concepts. Hope your post helped those poor souls.

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Also a little add on.
From personal experience, i average 25-30k/run on a 120 energy fill. Those are good money.
Also would like to add that is is easier to grind then BB hard(dificulty), let alone Insane, so for the lower level players it is a great way to make gold.
Just my humble opinion.


then they must say mission for what they possess a low level. do not sell it as the best version to get gold, the best option is simple BigBoy Insane, and the happy box never came out after spending 6 redfills of energy. Maybe they also control who gets out of there, not sure, you came out 5 times right?

you now always justifying them.
how have you changed in recent times.
before you were a critic in function of the community.
Now you are applauding everything, suddenly everything you understand applauds and justifies !!!
I congratulate you!


ok more than 3 refield and never came out, and take game to match the statistics of gain per game. Design a small routine for that. and nothing. I was playing all day and in no choice I got the happy box, this must be the same as the luck of boxes, where until today I have never been a direct legendary, that of: “you must be lucky”, you know the fantasy of the illusion of finding gold on the other side of the rainbow!

because to offer what only a few will limitedly get.

However, so they would not tell me: you should try!

I did it, only to check at the end, that I was right in my initial analysis.

thank you!

To defense the “poor souls” (as @Kaen mentioned) a little bit …

Not everybody’s 1st language is English. Sometimes if you dont know a word (you also dont go every single time to translate it), a sentence can be missunderstood.
(I am sure the devs know about what I am talking, since their native language also isn’t English)


@Mohadib didn’t mentioned the Fortune box in his first explanation, now as he mentioned it, it is clear why there are so huge differences about Gold output

it still presages the wrong amount of Gold you can win in the mission itself
promised in the announcement (after the “fix”) :
Gold 7400
XP 500
(before the “fix” it was shown correct, or at least the same as given when finished)
you get in the mission itself when finished :
Gold 9650
XP 448
(as it was shown before the “fix”)

Under the line …

It is a great event for all (thats why I started an extra thread about) to get a lot of Extra Gold :exclamation:

(I was just a little bit disappointed seeing the promised Gold from the mission itself went down, but can have any reason, we will see)

I got more then 2 million Gold with that Gold Portal Event :exclamation:

Great :exclamation:


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I’m glad that your soul was helped! Congratulations.

Exactly, if you would make the boxes “somehow” visual, it would have been much clearer :grey_exclamation:



I dont aplaude the bad things, and i always look at the bright side of things.
This event was the best gold farming mission on the map at this time. If you average the energy/gold income is the highest of all the missions. That doesnt mean it is best for evrybody.But some have found a use for it. I was among the guys that found it usefull, not the greatest, but usefull.
For high lvl players, with fully fused mechs it may not be the best, since we also look for items, specialy legendaries, but for those in need of gold, for those that still had powerkits, and were in a lockdown, where they lacked gold thos event was good.
Regarding me, i take a different aproach to critiscism, the positive one.
It is easy to stay in the ranting spot, and throw dirt at evry little aspect that upsets you.Just beeing negative about evrything constricts you from seein the good ones. But to find good things in what you have is the real trick.
Like i said it befor, this event was free, it helped some people, if it didnt help you, why should you bash it? Why raise the fist cause you didnt get what you expected to get? Why must we always look at the negative side of things and pick on evry little thing we find? Trust me that will only frustrated you more.
I made 1.5m out of this event, that is good money, it means almost 3 fully fused mythicals, gold wise.I found its use.
Now i have the money, i can go grind for fusion material(aka ramboy), thay gives low gold but gives items.
Constructive critiscism… it is a game after all… a free game.


I think we are talking about 2 different games. I’m talking about supermechs by tactisoft and you?

if it were a free game I would not have my primary account in a technical checkmate by the inventory limit. that with 5 missions could not come out that, because not being able to open current boxes I can not obtain items that allow fusion. that is, I can not advance in any way, thanks to a bad update.

an account with more than 90 medals won, (5 years of effort in the trash)today is buried thanks to the update.

do not talk to me about “positive sides” there is a difference I say what I think, whether people like it or not, I could fix words so that what I say will please them, but it would not be genuine.

ummmm, I suspect who receiving sponsorship, the duo of “Pinky and brain” (all know who I mean)

P:S and better let’s not talk about the multiple complaints to cheating players

with photos, captures, confessions, everything that is needed
the only thing missing is a video in which the player confesses to using traps
and I’m sure that even so sarah will say: “the team is reviewing” but the result is always the same “the cheating player keeps playing”

but excelent words @El_Metre( master, mister, superman, batman, flash, ironman, thor, Gandhi and holy pope, now also co-administrator of the forum :joy:)

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I find it funny how easyly you jump to name calling, and accusations.
Sponsorship? Yep i have sponsored the game with 4k dollars in less then 2years, so yeah i think i am a suporter of this game, not the biggest but with some of the big ones.So your logic is that someone who can throw 4k dollars like that, and many more if i want to, need to be sponsored by others, you are confusing me with someone else, and we all know who that is ;).
Accusing me of things, because i have a different opinion, and speculating on the ideea of cheats?
Wonder who stormed the forum, and got endless bans, fighting and providing proofs for the real cheats, a few months ago, against shiro? Were you there?
Wonder what top clans did when i asked them, that we must set and example and exclude cheaters from our ranks? When i said, we can not ban them, but we can exclude them, i am not pointing fingers, but we all know wich top clan harbors 5 of them.
I ask you only to see what is in front of you, away from the lies that clowd your mind, and the hate that fills your ears, and that you listen to what is fair and honest. Hate poisons you, and i see why…a shame…
I speack what i see as true, you may not see my way, but you atleast question why others see diferent, it might make you richer, at least in a different opinion, and if you do chose to contradict, please do it as a man, without insults, or childish name calling, it only makes you look weak, while lacking arguments.


Don’t lie :exclamation:


[quote=“El_Metre, post:39, topic:7835”]
i am not pointing fingers, but we all know wich top clan harbors 5 of them.[/quote]
Oh and again you try to accuse OTHER clans :grey_exclamation:

[quote=“El_Metre, post:39, topic:7835”]
i am not pointing fingers, BUT …[/quote]
Good try :grey_exclamation:


BUT be carefully, because I know a clan and it’s history and all their used cheatings for all their accounts, and it’s not a Top 2 clan :slight_smile: :exclamation:

it isn’t childish, its funny :exclamation:
This here is the forum from a game for KIDS :exclamation:
I am pretty sure 95% of all kids LOVE :heart: Pinky and the Brain …


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