24h Gold Rush Portal

Hi Pilots,

As you may have noticed we have started a new Portal event in region 2 called Gold Rush.
This event is here to answer a long time request from many of you for more gold, so here’s your chance - the next 24 hours you could farm this event for Gold!

Some notes, hopefully to save you tickets and questions to Sarah:

  • Our pre-mission panel usually declares the amount of gold you can win in the mission itself but doesn’t include the gold you get from reward boxes, so it doesn’t reflect the real possible reward you can get.

  • To make it even more tricky, the new mission end flow doesn’t even show there was a reward box if there are no items in it (and this mission doesn’t give any items) so unless you actually check how much you got at the end of the mission, you will have no idea if you got extra gold from a box or not.

  • We intentionally made the Normal, Hard and Insane give way better gold reward from each other. If you can beat Hard it’ll be better to grind that difficulty level (reward wise) than the Normal. Same for Insane. If you’re already putting the effort, why not get the bigger reward?

Good luck and GET THAT GOLD! :grin:


its really a good event for player with a lot of items but for free to play, its useless because I already have 2M gold and 0 items :frowning:

I like how Boss’ name is Cyber Goat.


Then grind the first boss on insane…

it is possible to put the unicorn event and the gold rush at the same time so everybody can choose what event he wants to do !

this is good money! averege 50k/ run on insane, that is good money!
To bad we dont get some item boxes along the way, would have been great.
But all in all, who doesnt like money?

Thank you, Mohadib. This is a great event

well now it droped to 7k… after about 8-9 runs… not worth it anymore.
@Mohadib, @Sarah247 is this how it should have been? only the first 3-9 runs give good money?
BB is better since it gives box also.

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This keeps happening when I try to fight the first buggy in Gold Rush, I tried to reset a few times already but still this, can you help?

@Mohadib what should I do? I keep resetting and still getting this screen

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thats the third zone boss :sweat_smile:

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yep same here, something happened.

Oh I thought that only happened to me

clearing cache doesnt help… other browsers … doesn’t help… updating, reinstaling flash…still in progress
Switching to mobile, solves it… on phone it works.

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well… there are too many goats in this game right now ._.

the whole campaign is crashed! All missions do this on PC.
@Mohadib, bro…you are needed…something really bad has happened!


Hi guys,

What number do you see in the bottom left corner when you load the game? 3710? 3720? 3740?
You should see 3740. If you don’t please clear cache and refresh (Ctrl+F5 on most browsers)


This right @jonny?

Just now, after clear cache,

not yet there @jonny
On mobile app, it works fine…the Pc is the problem.
Cleared cache, not solved it.
Reinstal and update flash… not solved it.
Other browsers, Chrome, Mozila, Internet explorer, Maxthon… not solved it.
kinda of running short on ideeas.

Clearing cache worked for me. Thank you!

Same thing happened to me, Why is the old gamemode of “do as much damage as u can” there when u try to fight?