24 Hours Worlds

Basically ticks are 30s or 1 minute long. Same rules as normal BD just super fast paced and youre done in 24 hours of solid activity. 60 or 120 tick worlds :smiley:


BD will Crash ⁣⁣⁣


How on Earth would either of these work? You can literally go feed your dog or some mundane chore and die, and yes I did the math they’d only last a couple days but you literally can’t coordinate in minutes and seconds every single tick, refresh rate would take up half the tick, you wouldn’t be able to react to attacks and you wouldn’t be able to make attacks with multiple team members on the threat of always shitting the bed and losing a tick…

This is literally just pure chaos. The absolute max me or probably 99% of people would consider would be a 12 tick, and then even then I sure as hell wouldn’t play it.

Also BD would literally kill itself.

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So if I go to take a dump I die?
I’m in :slight_smile:

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itd only last 1 day, if u do 60 sec worlds its 1440 ticks, 30 sec worlds its 2880 ticks. its like a hour gaming marathon. better get that food delivered, and delay off if u gotta dump.

How about the most important thing - admins missing literally the whole era because of inactivity :thinking::thinking:


now that is the biggest concern imo.

they cannot handle 2 tick eras and he expects them to handle 60/120 tick world. CUTE :slight_smile:

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agrreed to 3 days/era BD will die hahaha also players grr

yup, there’s 2 issues here.

  1. The server’s couldn’t handle such a fast tick speed, let alone everyone’s own personal computer. Some people take a whole minute just to refresh (and BD doesn’t auto refresh).
  2. Admin’s wouldn’t be able to catch any cheating in a timely manner. Someone could cheat and not a single individual would even be able to catch it before the deed was done.

While I love the idea personally, logistically it wouldn’t work sadly. I had a similar suggestion in the past before I was admin. Would be fun to have a BD RTS though.

RTS stands for???

.im talking to @Malicewolf

Real time Strategy ⁣

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