24,956,950 Experience Points Reached (ie. Level 150)... Now what do I do?

So, I made it to the Level 150 Club in just under 2 months of playing Reloaded (I get my 2nd Day 30 Box tomorrow)… now what do I do?

Is it pretty much just Portals I have to look forward to? I envision a daily schedule of:

  • burn through 73 fuel am
  • burn through 73 fuel pm
  • do my 5 Arena fights
  • and that’s it?

I’d love to hear from you Level 150 Club Veterans what life is like North of 150… Also any ideas on what TacticSoft can do to make it better…

BTW, I got an Epic Blue Madness and 10 Inventory Slots as my prize for reaching level 150
Sorry, but that’s kinda lame. You would think a Legendary L-M at least?
I feel like the guy who’s been working for the company for 50 years, and for my Retirement Party, got a $50 Gift Certificate to Tony Roma’s :tired_face:

Sorry, no offence to Tony Roma’s


Grats on level 150!

Edit: Enjoy life as level 150.

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Congrats on the 150!! Keep farming and you’ll hit astronomical xp points. My first account I reached I believe somewhere in the neighborhood of 35-40million xp…that’s was my first ever build and man it showed…my current account I just reached 140mill xp…crazy how they accumulate!! Sorry to go off topic, just wanted to share xp war stories and again congrats on the 150!

Gratz, broh! But hey, now a major amount of fun and excitement is gone from your gameplay! Now, within a couple of days you will realize how disillusioned and bored we get every day, waiting for some drops, which never come… No goal, no excitement, and if you think about the arena battles… Broh, just welcome to reality…

Mate i just want to get some good leggies for my mechs from portals

if the devs don’t going to increase the 150 level, above that i wish they will transform experience points to something elde, because it will loose its relevance…imo

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